“Being in business with your soul’s purpose is the ultimate self realization.”—Sabine Messner


For Evolving Entrepreneurs

seeking to express their next level genius through a refined business and brand reinvention

Tim Kelley, author of True Purpose and founder of The True Purpose Institute, talks about his PowerReinvention® experience.

You desire to expand beyond what you’re currently able to see but don’t know how to access it. You know there’s more to your business potential that you haven’t been able to tap in on your own. However, you want to be mindful of making any drastic changes that could alienate your existing client and fan base. You desire to uplevel your current brand image.

You desire to break out of your own mold. You’ve reached a great level of success within your area of expertise but your business income is plateauing, and everyday operations seem to require ever more effort and energy. Working with your ideal clients is not giving you the satisfaction than it used to. You’ve reached a threshold. You’re little scared yet yearn to discover what’s waiting for you beyond the horizon.

You desire an internal-external makeover. It seems as if though things have become a little stagnant and stale. If you’re really honest with yourself, you’re secretly bored delivering your business-usual “Rinse and Repeat” programs and services. You desire to have more passion and vigor in your business and life.

You desire to simplify your business model. No matter how much assistance you have, there seems to be a chronic overwhelm of too online representations, too many sales pages—too much to do. Perhaps you desire to travel, perhaps you desire to go global? You desire to separate the non-essential from the quintessential. You need a streamlined business vision.

You desire a soul based, highly intuitive, highly sensible reinvention strategy. You desire a new look and feel that extends from the inside out all the way to how you’re showing up online and in person. You need a congruent visual strategy that’s in sync with your heart and soul. You need a done-for-you brand and logo design, brand style wardrobe, and website look and feel that’s easy to implement.

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