Soul Purpose Branding Client Manifesto

I sometimes have to pinch myself. It’s humbling. It’s exhilarating. I have the great privilege to co-create with awe-inspiring human beings from all over the globe. Here are a few characteristics they tend to have in common…

1. All of my clients are pioneers driven by a greater cause and fueled by a bigger vision. Whether they are in their twenties or in their midlives, they all are bringing something new into existence. May it be a new method, a new perspective or a new pathway. They persevere in spite of obstacles. They are relentless. To stop the pursuit of their passion and purpose is not an option.

2. All of my clients are highly accomplished and advanced in their fields. They all have deeply immersed themselves into a specific area of evolution, discovery and/or research. Some have skipped college to become masters on their own. Others have garnered master degrees, sometimes in numerous disciplines. Some have PHDs. Others are doctors, surgeons, physicians, therapists, coaches, former corporate executives, ex military, renegades, rebels, movers and shakers.

3. All of my clients are brilliant, competent, complex, multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. In the era that they teach or practice they are “it.” They are phenomenal. Yet they all have struggled to fit in, struggled to play the game and struggled to perform their roles and duties in the old paradigm society. Many of them have been misjudged, mislabeled and misunderstood.

4. Whether they publicize it or not, Spirit is working through them. Regardless of their place and image in society, they are grid workers, light workers, body workers, bridge builders, gatekeepers, planet healers or star travelers. They are visionaries of the new paradigm or helpers thereof.

5. They feel an urgency to be seen, heard and recognized by their tribe. There's an unrest as if they yearn to be “linked up in time with likeminded souls” across the globe who are the new generation of clients they've prepared for all their life. They know the new client-mentor relationship they're seeking is purposeful, collaborative, expansive and synergistic.

6. They want to go out into the world with their mission and message. My clients know exactly what they want to get across yet it seems like there's no appropriate language. It's like they are speaking—sometimes even screaming, yet they are inaudible. The Internet marketing and niching formulas are failing them. Some have even done their rounds with topnotch mentors, and yet, haven't been able to implement, or worse implemented the wrong stuff.

7. They want to make a lot of money so they can do a lot of good and bring a lot of change. My clients have an evolved sense of abundance which to them is freedom, family, traveling and running a lean, agile and bountiful business. They come from being of service, are philanthropic and love to finance causes they believe in. Many of my clients have given up their well-paid careers, their private practices, homes, families, accolades, licenses, and credentials—only to put it all on the line because they know they can make a bigger difference.

8. My clients want impact and influence but not at the price of their integrity. My clients' values are paramount and govern their entire world, including all relationships. They want to work and partner with others who have similar values. They want to know that they can trust so they can surrender to something extraordinary, something awe-inspiring, something magical that takes us beyond that which we know, and that can only occur in visionary, sacred co-creation.

9. My clients have no more patience. They're out of time and tired of going around in circles. They'e done shrinking themselves to fit into a niche in the market place. To get their message out in the world “in the right way” so they can finally be found by their tribe is almost a question of life or death. In a metaphysical way they are ready to die into their New Becoming. In fact they yearn to be reborn, reinvented and rebooted. In doing so they regenerate, revitalize, restore and recreate a new world for all of us to enjoy.

10. My clients are my heros. They are tough cookies, heavy weights and extraordinarily enlightened wise folks with the biggest open hearts. They make me laugh. They make me cry and sometimes they drive me crazy (in a good way). They send me hola hoops for my birthday, tell me like it is, and hold me to the fire as well as to the pledge I've made to them. I feel deeply honored to work with them. I infinitely love and revere them for doing the work they do.


Welcome to my Soul Mate Client Club!

Does this client manifesto stop you in your tracks? Great! Then I'd love to hear from you. Perhaps you could be a “soul mate client” of mine yourself? Let's find out, and let's share some amazing times together making great stuff happen!

The truth of the matter is I'm not for everyone. I rather have a small, engaged love list than a lot of window-shoppers who stay on the fence. You see, I need you to be fully engaged and on board in order to do my job. If you’re not ready to create phenomenal results, then we aren’t meant to work together. And that’s okay. If you want to know my key secrets to bottle your brand and skyrocket your success, get my free gift below. You’ll see the sign-up button right below.

Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding