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Private Platinum Testimonials

"I now have a brand and business that is the emanation of my very soul. And with it I have the greatest and most magnificent power to contribute to the world!"

"Before working with Sabine, I was a brilliant and beautiful woman with an ocean of wisdom and love, painfully struggling to convey what it is that I offer people.  Soon to be 60, I felt like an invisible and fading gift that would never be opened. Sabine helped me claim all of who I am, and then some!!! She helped me turn on my light and create the most amazing business that is more than a brand. I now fully, 100% embrace the truth that is my soul. I had paid $12,000 to someone else for a Platinum Marketing Program that was about leveraging ideal clients. I learned a lot. However, I ended up creating a business that failed to reflect who I truly am. I felt like I was being “shrunken” into a tiny corner of myself, trying like crazy to be a “good girl” and following the formulas.

Niching nearly killed me, and I ended up feeling as if I wanted to throw my entire calling and dream into the ocean. I nearly did. In Sabine's very first PowerReinvention session, I fully received the gifts of my own soul. Her session was like nothing I have ever experienced. Mind you, I have been on the spiritual and self-growth path for over 40 years!

As I have embraced this new outward brand manifestation of my soul, I have a steady stream of new clients and new income. My new programs are priced in a way that is congruent with my soul, magnetizing the abundance that I feel from the inside out. Now I own a brand that is a true reflection of who I am. I say “brand,” but it really is my light expressed as an offering of wisdom, love and sound business advice—all in one. There is no part of me hiding out in my business, dimming my light, or questioning my worth."

—Kathleen Hanagan, TurnOnYourLight.com
Massachusetts, United States
"I gained the confidence to morph from corporate automaton into an independent expert. No longer 'just a local freelancer' I adjusted my rates and signed on several new international clients.'

After 25+ years in corporate America, I suddenly realized that I didn't have an identity of my own. Sure, I was a great copywriter who knew how to fit into a mold...and yes, I could even subsist as a freelancer. But, I couldn't figure out on my own how to break out of the safety of that limiting, confining mold that would forever restrict me.

Sabine's Soul Purpose Branding process was the business jump-start I needed. She helped me think about myself differently...as an independent expert. Coming from a corporate background, I was a little worried that 'finding my soul purpose' was going to be a little too New Age-y for me. Boy was I surprised! The process was totally enlightening and empowering.

Today I believe in myself more soundly than ever before. I am more confident and self-assured. I am able to charge what my services are worth and go after a wider variety of clients all over the world. I truly believe in my unlimited potential!"

—Sheila Stogol, TheJoyousWriter.com
Arizona, United States
“When I hired Sabine my expectations where very high. In working with her I found clarity, support, authenticity and tangible results.

"I was keen to work with a brand consultant who was on my wave-length. Someone who understands both the need for a high degree of professionalism, whilst recognizing the challenges facing budding, conscious entrepreneurs. Knowing her integrity and passion for her work, I found that individual in Sabine.

The insights gained through our PowerReinvention Session now serve as a guiding light from which decisions are made and design elements created. Sabine's commitment to excellence and heartfelt professionalism provide a brilliant platform for structured and enlightened movement forward."

—Sharon Roberts, MoveForwardTheBook.com
England, UK
"Sabine guided us to a brand that reflected not only the truth of who are but also the truth of who we were becoming.

"We had no clue how to successfully market what we do in a way that felt genuine to who we are. Thank goodness we worked with Sabine early on before we wasted any more time and money on photo shoots, developing products and writing copy that wasn’t in exact alignment with our core message. While we wanted a brand that reflected authentically who we are, she helped us to stretch and embody the qualities we were hesitant to openly express in the world. They were the very qualities that have made us so successful—yet we never outright voiced and owned them.

We had no idea branding would serve as the crucial foundation, from which everything else about our business would flow. We somehow thought branding was just about “the look”—making everything look nice. Amazingly, as our business continues to grow, it moves more and more solidly in the direction envisioned in our original branding work with Sabine. That’s the power of a soul brand—we never outgrow it. It gets deeper, richer and opens new directions we couldn’t see in the beginning. It's the guiding star illuminating our true direction.

Financially, we were able to double our rates. And even more importantly, we have the confidence that everything we’ve created is in complete alignment with our soul purpose—allowing all the other components of our business to fall naturally into place. When it was done, we had all the technical pieces in place. We are trademarked with a beautiful website and consistent, professional look.

By partnering with Sabine, we didn’t have to go it alone. She guided us to what we didn’t even know we needed, told us the straightforward truth and connected us with other resources so we didn’t have to do it all ourselves."

—Kate Mikayan & Sue Scott, CORE-Calling.com
Colorado, United States
"Sabine was the key to opening the door to bring my gifts to the world in a way that is more powerful than I ever imagined."

"Before I met Sabine, I faced challenges in getting my desired web presence established so I could bring my gifts out into the world in the highest way. My VA and web designer captured some aspects but not the essence, not the core truth of who I AM and my offering to the world. I just didn’t know how to communicate that properly.

As soon as I met Sabine and saw the magic she creates, I knew I wanted to work with her. The PowerReinvention journey is a crucial part of the whole experience because it dives deep, she’s on the journey with you, and you go to the core of who you are as a divine being. And the core truth of the gift that you offer becomes crystal clear through this journey process.

Then through the photographic journey, it takes that spiritual experience and manifests it into a physical reality through the beautiful images, the photographs that she creates and the essence of who you are comes through.

After all the high-end coaching I’ve had I was still having difficulty communicating my message in a way that I would attract my ideal clients. Sabine helped me get clear on my marketing message in a way that was concrete and laser-focused.

The work she's doing is unlike anyone else out there. Sabine goes deep within your Spirit, so she sees you from a perspective that no one else does. I’m so honored to have worked with her. Thank you Sabine for the beautiful gift that you are and for being the key to opening the door to bring my gift to the world.“

—Taylore Ashlie, SensualSage.com
British Columbia, Canada
"It was such a great experience! I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you’re struggling with your business and feel like its not giving out the message you want Sabine is bar none the person you need to be working with."

“The brand and business that I had just didn’t fit me anymore. I had evolved and outgrown it...and needed to rebrand my business and myself. Two things that drew me to Sabine the most: One, seeing her work and realizing that its different...unique, different and personal to me. I knew that she got me on a deeper level than 'I’m-going-to-find-some-clip-art-that-works-in-your-banner-kind-of-thing.'

Working together was a fascinating process! We got in touch with who I am, what I’m all about on a really deep level, what’s my legacy for the world, and how I want to give that to everybody. It was very helpful to get that foundation established and for my branding person to be part of that, because then I knew we were working of the same platform.

It was really such an amazing and connected and eye-opening experience to then going to develop my brand. From coming up with a name that we knew would really embody what I’m all about, and then coming up with the visual aspects of what it included. Sabine helped with everything from reviewing fonts, to choosing pictures and colors.

She knows how "everything" falls in with the bigger brand and even into the detail of how the site got set-up and the copy was done. I cannot even tell you the hours she poured into it just to make sure it was right, not just done. She went the extra mile and never gave up on me.”

—Nicole Mangina, TheSuccessPerspective.com
Washington State, United States
"Sabine helped me craft an expert brand that ideally fits me and my work, and her outside-the-box techniques connected the dots for me in new ways. "

"Sabine helped me discover and capitalize on my new brand territory as the 'Marketing Results Expert.' When our branding session was over, I owned over two dozen web domains surrounding my core brand territory. That is more than remarkable...That's nearly impossible in the Internet marketing sector!

My photo shoot yielded great results, as well. Backed by Sabine's encouragement and detail-oriented art direction, I let my natural attitude come out. Then she guided me through the photo selection and where to best use each shot in my online brand expression. What sets her apart is that kind of know-how and attention to details priorduring and, most importantly, after the shoot—when most other photographers just dump the pictures in your lap, and you have no clue how to best leverage them, and hence your investment."

—Dennis Rosenberg, EasyFBAdvertising.com
California, United States
"I’m finally getting known for a bigger transformation, not just my products and programs. My ‘Soaring Entrepreneur’ is a much-needed brand that puts all my gifts under one umbrella—something I’ve been struggling with for years!”

"I haven’t even launched it yet, and it’s already creating a “buzz” and carving a space for me in the market. The only brand I ever had was my ACT—Accelerated Change Template. Problem was, people had trouble spelling ‘accelerated.’ So, I created the Fast Results Formula website which works great, except I have so much more to offer that I wasn’t getting across. Bottom line was, both brand names didn’t do me justice. My dilemma? I started to see their limitations in terms of my business growth, but I didn’t know how to expand without creating confusion.

With the Soaring Entrepreneur brand Sabine helped me claim a profitable position in the industry that allows me to expand my business while creating a complimentary offering to established leaders. Whether I write music, launch products, deliver certification programs, provide service packages or host events, now they all fit seamlessly under one cohesive brand umbrella. That's freedom to soar on a rock-solid brand foundation.

I am not a visual person. I think and speak in structures, patterns and systems. Trying to describe what I’d like to see or provide any art direction—forget it! That’s why I was so relieved that Sabine’s process completely bypasses the all too common struggle I have trying to articulate visual ideas and concepts. Through the PowerReinvention session nothing got lost in translation. We were united in one vision and operated on the same level at all times.

Creating my signature banner art together with Sabine was incredibly enlightening, educational and inspirational. Actually, it’s not just a banner, it’s a masterpiece. Trusting Sabine’s expertise in visual arts, I watched us co-create just the right combination of fonts, images, and colors into one brand design that sets me apart for a long time to come. I no longer look at banner designs and fonts the same."

—Nikkea B. Devida, SoaringEntrepreneur.com
California, United States

Soul Purpose Brand Strategy VIP Testimonials

"I'm finally clear on how I want to restructure my business and bring out the bigger vision in me!"

"Doing the 'Brand Breakthrough VIP Day' with Sabine has been absolutely amazing. I needed someone to help me become really clear on how I want to restructure my existing business without harming it. I am a voice- and dialogue coach and my business has been going great, yet I wasn't able to bring out the bigger vision in me. I had worked with other coaches but things weren't coming together and I was still struggling.

Then I met Sabine and...BOOOM! Sabine was instantly able to understand what it is that I want to convey with my business. Her ability to put into words what it is that I am offering is extraordinary! She sees the bigger picture and never looses sight of me and my needs. She doesn’t just do „her thing“ but really listens to what I have to say and what I want. She has a sharp mind, is crystal clear and within a few hours I had the new name for my business—which I absolutely love, a tag line and a mission statement to boot. As if that would not be enough, she tested my brand territory for trademark rights, both in the U.S and in Europe. Needless to say it looks clear and I'm moving forward with confidence.

I am very, very picky with coaches as I am a coach myself. Without a doubt in my mind I recommend you work with Sabine. She will help you put your vision into a thriving business without the month-long struggles, try-and-error and back and forth. She helps you get it figured out right."

—Britta Wenske
Germany, Europe
“After years of struggle Sabine pulled it all together for me! Now speaking my truth, living my passion and launching the business of my life is no longer an ordeal for me.”

"Sabine led me back to my heart and showed me how to express it in everything I do. Everything that I’ve been talking about and trying to get out into the world for years and years is finally beautifully articulated in a brand that I can even trademark. It’s the perfect match for my personality, my experience and my ideal client. I can finally embrace more of a whole “Me” and what I can offer in business. Plus I have a tagline, slogan, expert title, mission statement and so much more, including the perfect story for my signature talk. A great breakthrough!

Sabine helped me end a life-long pattern of hiding. Keeping things under wrap was a protective routine since my early child hood. Thanks to the PowerReinvention session we ended that for good. Since then I had a couple of public speaking engagements, and I really had fun doing it and my talks were a success.

I am a changed woman thanks to the illuminating journey we did. I feel physically different as well as in a different emotional space. I'm much more committed to this is “Me,” this is my truth, this is what I’m going to do, and I’m enjoying the ride. Even my husband noticed the change and said a few days after the session: “You are the Queen of Light!”

—Kay Loughrey
Washington, D.C. United States
"We had struggled with our brand and tagline for over 10 years before Sabine cut through the haze and showed us the crystal clear message that was in front of us, naturally."

"The authentic brand strategy resulting from the work we did during our VIP day could only be created through a combination of Sabine’s seasoned expertise and deep intuition. Sabine listened intently to our story, observing our true identities (we're a husband and wife company!), and drawing out the reasons why we persevere each day at Alpentile. She was able to deliver a tagline encompassing our true strengths, passion, and ultimately, our competitive advantage.

We are forever grateful to Sabine for improving our thought process, our brand identity, and for giving us clarity. Our message is exciting, honest, with integrity—making it wonderful to share with the world!

If you have the chance to invest into a VIP day with her, do it, especially if you have partners in the business working together. Get finally on the same page and save yourself years of struggle and confusion."

—Amy & Luke Denny, Owners & Founders of Alpentile
Arizona, United States
“Sabine makes it easy and natural for me to connect to my soul purpose and create a business out of it.”

“Sabine took me on a journey where I relaxed in my soul sanctuary, played with my soul animals, met my soul mates and experienced my soul’s purpose. Listening to the recording of my session blew my mind! I must have been totally in my body and in my soul at the same time. That usually never happens!

Sabine’s VIP package is a spectacular investment into to your bliss. I highly recommend working with her. She’s a genius at Soul Branding! Soul Branding is her Soul Purpose.”

—Aurora Kozinn
Arizona, United States

PowerReinvention® Soul Purpose Journey Testimonials

“Sabine is a great Light to Humanity...on the leading edge of integrating spirit into business in a practical, dynamic way to help heart-centered entrepreneurs to find their personal brand. What a gift!"

"Having had a lifelong journey on the path of owning personal power as a part of my purpose has given me an in-depth experience with this concept. I can say from experience that having Sabine’s guidance within the context of her PowerReinvention session was extremely helpful in assisting me in clarifying subtle details that I may have been too subjectively close to, to be able to discern on my own."

—Dr. Valencia Ray, M.D., ValenciaRay.com
Illinois, United States
"Sabine did an incredible job of taking me on an inner journey that allowed me to look inside myself for guidance and wisdom."

"If you want to get clear on what your soul is yearning for, and improve or heal important relationships at the same time, beg Sabine to work with you. Sabine is an amazingly genuine, insightful, intuitive and generous human being. I'm grateful to her for having the courage and the desire to do the work that she does for people who want to get more clear about their own gifts and soul purpose.

The PowerReinvention session was a very satisfying and enlightening experience that will continue to offer me value and benefits for years to come. Thank you, Sabine."

—Dr. Bob Uslander, DoctorsOnPurpose.com
California, United States
“I now feel calmer and have more confidence that I am on the right path, doing the right things."

Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I had my PowerReinvention session with Sabine Messner, I was very opened minded. It was surprising to learn the larger scope of my work and the amount of people I will positively impact. I got to see the 'real' BIG picture, a stratospheric view of my life and why I am here.

Sabine took me on a journey that was incredible. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to discover their true purpose, why they are here...and wants to have more clarity in their lives. Sabine is an amazing person and I feel very fortunate to have found her!"

—Karin Volo, BringingJoyToTheWorld.com
Sweden, Europe
“Truly life changing! I accessed the deepest parts of my soul and really distilled it down to what I am all about. Finally I know how to express this in my business!"

"I have been working on my new business for quite some time, yet I was still struggling with how to bring it all together. The PowerReinvention experience gave me clarity on an intellectual level, and also allowed me to find the words to articulate it, which had been so difficult for me previously.

The PowerReinvention session is completely different from any other work that I have done. I like that I was the one doing the work versus having someone else just 'tell' me about myself, which often times is off the mark. It is a very spiritual and emotional experience and so completely beautiful. There is so much wonderful information that is revealed and fortunately she records the session. Each time I listen to the recording from the session, I hear something different and new.

Sabine has an amazing gift to simultaneously guide you and stand alongside you. So that it is an experience unique to who you are, and she is there to witness it and help you bring it all together.

This is the perfect thing to do if you are struggling to find the words and clarity for what you are offering and you want to make sure that what you are offering is true to who you are. We all have unique and wonderful gifts that we are meant to share with the world. Let Sabine help you access yours!"

—Nicole Mangina, TheSuccessPerspective.com
Washington State, United States
"The PowerReinvention session allowed me to gather and collect all aspects of myself, my experiences, my guides, my loves, my accomplishments—all in a focused yet natural way.

The PowerReinvention session was life-changing. When I signed up, I was expecting to commune with myself and receive a higher calling. But I did not realize that it would be that deep and that supportive! My overall conscious shifted immediately, although it’s taken me time to integrate the work. It was that powerful.

Throughout the session Sabine guided me with endless patience. She knew when we needed to take our time to uncover "even more" in certain areas…Sabine definitely has a way of reflecting the strength and potential in yourself. I recommend it  to anyone who is seeking clarity and looking for a deeper meaning in their life’s work.

—Tricia Bannister, miaspas.com
Florida, United States
"A brilliant platform for structured and enlightened movement forward!"

"The insights from my PowerReinvention session bring cohesion and direction. Married with Sabine’s commitment to excellence and heartfelt professionalism, I found my session now serves as a guiding light on my entrepreneurial path."

—Sharon Roberts, MoveForwardTheBook.com
England, UK
"I've never experienced anything like it! Having had this heavenly experience I now see an even brighter future for the planet and myself. Imagine!"

"I trusted Sabine completely as she led me to my Soul Sanctuary and beyond. I didn't know what to expect at first. In fact, I was a little scared. I'm so glad I didn't let that stop me! I was astounded at how easy and natural it was to go on this soul journey. But more importantly, what I saw was simply glorious.

The PowerReinvention session truly showed me who I am at the core, and also let me see my most glorious, golden future—both on a personal level as well as on a collective level. There are no words to describe what an exquisite journey it is to merge with your own soul and to see your destiny revealed in front of you. You have to "see" it for yourself!"

—Lilou Mace, JuicyLivingTour.com
“I cannot imagine my life's work and purpose coming from any other place."

"I dropped down into a very surrendered place, feeling the bliss of no resistance. The PowerReinvention session prompted the biggest surrender of my life. I have had a few, but nothing quite like this. Sabine is a power crystal from another place all together—a galactic gem of multiple dimensions!!!!”

—Kathleen Hanagan, TurnOnYourLight.com
Massachusetts, United States
"I connected to my soul in ways that I had only dreamt of. Now I can express this deeply authentic part of myself in my business, to my clients and in my work."

"Sabine masterfully led me into my inner world, a magical realm where she connected me to my deep-rooted, subconscious essence. With her guidance, she unfolded the veil and exposed a part of me that was longing to be seen. Are you too ready to connect to your soul? That's exactly what Sabine's PowerReinvention allows you to do."

—Cindy Powers Prosor, OpeningDoorsWithin.com
New Zealand
"The PowerReinvention experience allowed me to take my business to higher heights than I ever thought possible.

"Before I worked with Sabine I had already been a successful businesswoman. At 31 I was a millionaire. I was serving my community with my business but I wasn’t really aligned with my soul purpose. I came to a crossroads: was it about the money or was it about being of service, and what does that look like?

When I did the PowerReinvention session with Sabine, she helped me have the courage to live unapologetically in knowing that I was really here to help people monetize their soul purpose. Coming from a major corporate background, the words “business” and “soul purpose” don’t go naturally together. Not where I came from. But when I really looked at my offerings and what my legacy is, going through the PowerReinvention experience really solidified that for me.

When you’re thinking about what’s my difference that I’m going to make in the world, and how can I create a powerful brand that I will never have to worry about changing ever in my life because its so aligned with my soul, Sabine is the one that you must see. I’m a businesswoman. But there is nothing like making money by being of service when you’re using your soul purpose to do so. Thank you Sabine! I appreciate all that you’ve done for me."

—Melissa Evans, BrosheGroup.com
"Now my days are filled with such clarity of purpose and absolute fulfillment. I’m finally out there doing what I’m born to do!"

"In spite of a fortune and lifetime spent on personal growth and high-end coaching I still wasn’t able to “see” my amazing gifts clearly for myself. In fact, I had plenty of world-renowned mentors trying to help me realize my abilities in the past. But honestly, until I saw them clearly for myself I couldn’t or wouldn’t own them as who I am, nor see the full value of my talents to others.

Sabine has an amazing process to help you find the truth of who you really are, and what you’re here to bring to this planet. I stress the you in this statement, because until you truly see it yourself, it's not happening. Thanks to Sabine's wizardry it finally happend for me too! I’m completely loving what I do, loving the results my clients get on a daily basis simply because I’m finally out there now doing what I’m born to do.”

—Nattacia Mantei, CourageToBeHealthy.com
Alberta, Canada
"I was able to tap into a deeper knowing about my overall identity and mission in life. Who I am at the core got validated in a sacred and compelling way.”

“I’ve been carrying a powerful vision in my heart, mind and soul since some 20 years ago. It isn’t just a beautiful dream for myself; it is a dream for humanity. In the PowerReinvention session with Sabine, I was able to access this vision and experience it as present-day-reality. What this did for me is huge! Not only did it validate my life-long secret dream as a sacred duty. It magnetized and actualized it in a big way that allowed me to realize its global impact—and that in truth—all my business ventures and personal growth development have always been about this dream.

When you have a knowing, calling or dream, it is a sacred gift you’re meant to share with the world. No matter how long it takes, when you stay true to your dream it will come true. Having said that, why put it away and let it gather dust when you can have accelerated results? And anyone who knows me knows what that means: my sacred dream is getting implemented as we speak! What are you doing with yours?”

—Nikkea B. Devida, SoaringEntrepreneur.com
California, United States
"Wow, I'm still in awe of what happened! I feel like a new person. This is how I want people to feel after they work with me—renewed."

“What a delicious and illuminating experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this experience and leading me along the way. I now have a deep-seated belief in what I’m doing. I stand in my values and don’t back down. I now know in my soul that I’m here to nurture people’s body, mind and soul and to show them how to live a delicious life.”

—Kay Loughrey
Washington, D.C. United States

Photo Shoot VIP Testimonials

"Finally! After a life time of feeling unphotogenic I now have joyous photos to prove the opposite! I even had fun being photographed!"

I never took a good picture before. Until Sabine, I always shied away from being photographed. From the time I was a very small child, I made weird faces or closed my eyes in every family and school photo. I pretty much resigned myself to a destiny of looking awful or silly in pictures.

Then, Sabine changed all that. From beginning to end, she made the photo shoot experience a real adventure...I actually had fun. She got involved in wardrobe selection, accessories, makeup and hair styling. She made color suggestions that were compatible with the Joyous Writer brand. But that was only the beginning. At the shoot, she selected wonderful locations and made me totally comfortable in front of the camera. I always felt like a star.

Through her direction, I was able to shine on camera. I actually glowed. I couldn't believe it. Not only were my eyes open, but I was smiling and radiant. Sabine was able to tap into the joy inside me and capture it for the camera. And she helped me select the best-of-the-best for my website. The photo shoot was a joyous experience...and now I have the joyous photos to prove it!"

—Sheila Stogol, TheJoyousWriter.com
Arizona, United States
"My fans are raving about my new soulful photos! And I finally have photos that get media attention."

"It may sound surprising but I can be quite camera-shy. I think video is so much more forgiving than a still photo. On a video you can get your energy and personality across—but a still photo can be merciless. That's the main reason why it's been two years that I had my last photo shoot done.

It's extremely important to me that nothing is staged—ever. I have such a loyal world-wide audience because I always come from an open heart and never pretend or manipulate a situation. In fact I mostly don't even edit my interviews! Whatever happens in the moment is what gets posted. I loved that working with Sabine we could be fully in the moment—both playful and spontaneous.

Sabine made me feel instantly at ease and captured my essence. Having just launched the Juicy Living Tour, I got to express different aspects of me that had not been captured before. I now have some truly extraordinary photos that help me promote my mission."
—Lilou Mace, JuicyLivingTour.com
“I can no longer say 'I am not photogenic! If you work with Sabine, neither will you!"

"I had tried many avenues and worked with several professionals and yet I was never 100% happy with the results. In fact, I always ended up using a photo of my own rather than one which I had paid a for, as they better captured my essence.

Naturally, when Sabine suggested a photo shoot, I was nervous! Others had promised great things and I had been disappointed with the results. I need not have worried! Sabine’s eye for style, detail and especially the intricacies of lighting meant in just 15 minutes she had captured several pictures I loved!“

—Sharon Roberts, MoveForwardTheBook.com
England, UK
"She over-delivered so many high quality images that can be used in all areas from social media to websites to book covers and articles, I have enough pictures to last for at least a two year media blitz!"

"Nothing gives you more confidence than being able to provide a great photo when asked for media exposure. Working with Sabine has been an incredible experience! She is such a talented photographer who truly captures the essence of who you are and brings out the best to produce amazing photos. Even if you hate to have your picture taken, Sabine will make you feel at ease.

Our photo shoot was in Tuscany and after years of living in horrible conditions, I felt like a queen living my dream. Sabine is wonderful and I highly recommend working with her if you want professional, outstanding images that express the true you. Thanks Sabine for bringing out the best in me and giving me the chance to show the world the true me!"

—Karin Volo, BringingJoyToTheWorld.com
Sweden, Europe
"Sabine creates book cover photos for my clients that are simply stunning!!"

"When I saw the book cover photo she provided for a client of mine I instantly added her to my dream team. Sabine makes people look so warm, so knowing, and so inviting. Her photos create instant trust and rapport, which is just perfect for a book cover."

—Lynne Klippel, BusinessBuildingbooks.com
“We really captured my personality, my talents and most importantly what I’m all about in one completely unique signature brand photo that keeps on creating a huge buzz for my business.”

My signature trapeze brand photo shoot put everything that I identify with in one epic and timeless picture. The literal and spiritual flight metaphor has always held a special meaning in my life. I was born on the anniversary of Orville and Wilbur Wright’s first day of flight. I’m a proud graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy (the mascot was a Peregrine falcon) and I served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. My birth name literally means “victorious little angel” and for years I lived in Los Angeles, the “City of Angels”.

As a former competitive gymnast, I’m a huge fan of Cirque du Soleil. I’m also a singer/songwriter and love elegance, excellence, creativity and peak performance. Top physical performance, stage performance, and of course, business performance. I feel my trapeze photo shoot captures all of that in a beautiful, professional way that I could have neither imagined nor art directed myself."

—Nikkea B. Devida, SoaringEntrepreneur.com
California, United States