Sabine rocks the stage bare feet!

Watch Sabine’s mesmerizing keynote speech given to 300+ people at Baeth Davis’ Gifted 2013 event in Phoenix, Arizona

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Baeth Davis of endorses Sabine Messner, The Wizard of Soul Purpose Branding, as her keynote speaker.

Baeth Davis of endorses Sabine Messner’s Soul Purpose Branding.

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What the host is saying…

“Sabine!!! Your presentation. IT IS STUNNING! I am so so impressed! It actually moved me to tears. You go Woman!”
Baeth Davis,


What attendees are saying…

“You had us laugh, you had us cry, you had us entertained and you taught a brand new perspective.”
Jeffrey Van Dyk,


“Not only was her presentation mesmerizing, her deep emotional connection to her own soul made it easy for the audience to connect with their souls, and get a glimpse at how their brands and their souls are inseparably connected.”
Dan Fowler, Imagination IQ


“I have been to a lot of events and have seen a lot of people talk, and I felt a real soul connection with you. You walk your talk with your Soul Purpose Branding. I mean your soul is just so easy to connect with, and so full of love. I just love that authentic, integrated place that you are Being, how you represent that. You model for all of us how to come from our soul. Thank you. You were my highlight of the event.”
Heather Novak, Reset Your Mindset


“This woman knows her stuff. She is genuine yet polished; blatant yet kind; and celestial yet grounded. Her grasp of branding is unsurpassed while her connection with the spiritual is awe-inspiring. She has the rare gift of merging the two with laser pointed accuracy and gracious humanity. The audience was immediately comfortable around her. I felt like we were in the presence of a powerful spiritual mentor and teacher. I love her.”
Keller Horton, The Millennial Group


Sabine Messner’s Bio

SabineMessner_Bio-150x150Known as The Wizard of Soul Purpose Branding, Sabine Messner is on a mission to help heart-centered entrepreneurs put their soul into their brand, and get their business on purpose —while getting handsomely paid for it. As a mesmerizing keynote speaker, an international bestselling co-author, an award winning Wired Web pioneer, and a corporate brand strategist gone renegade, Sabine is a soul purpose trailblazer in her own right. Having followed her own sacred calling she emigrated from Europe in the mid nineties to launch her dream life and career in the United States.

With clients like Tim Kelley and Jeffrey Van Dyk, Sabine empowers new paradigm visionaries across the globe to ‘be in business with their purpose.’ Her branding is said to be ‘pure medicine’ for people’s souls, businesses as well as their bottom-lines.

Sabine holds a M.A. in Visual Communication (Magna Cum Laude) from The Berlin University of the Arts. She has studied extensively with world-renowned teachers at the leading edge of consciousness as well as with Native American, Peruvian and Tibetan healers and shamans who are still a secret. She is the founder and CEO of Soul Purpose Branding® and the creator of the PowerReinvention® Journey and the Soul Brand Emergence™ Virtual Retreat Intensives.

Sabine lives blissfully in the foothills of Paradise Valley, Arizona with her soul mate husband and her soul mate cat-son.

Learn more about Sabine and discover how you can be positioned as a multidimensional leader in your divine legacy at