Reboot for a big make-over.

Boost your mojo and your income through a personal reinvention

This is a screenshot of Cindy’s site before her Soul Purpose Brand reinvention… its got your typical stock photo banner, generic logo type and oh, BTW, where’s Cindy?

AFTER Cindy’s Soul Purpose Brand reinvention… Need I say more?

Well maybe I say a little bit more… Cindy’s success story is a vivid testimony as to how deep, profound and life-changing a Soul Purpose Brand truly is. New Zealand-based former Feng Shui consultant and life coach was living her passion and her dream, yet she knew it was time for her to expand beyond her local reach and establish herself as an international expert. A daunting goal at first, through the Soul Purpose Branding process she had the guidance and tangible support to make it happen. Cindy unearthed a much deeper understanding of what she’s here to do in this world. In the course of it she shifted from being just another life coach to becoming a trailblazer in the happiness field.

This is a screenshot of Kathleen’s site before her Soul Purpose Brand reinvention… we were both joking about it, so I can say it here without offending anyone… but doesn’t she look like a grandmother from Mars?

AFTER Kathleen’s Soul Purpose Brand reinvention…


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