“You’re invited to EMERGE!”

EMERGE™ is A Virtual Brand Breakthrough Retreat Designed For Emerging Entrepreneurs. Here’s what they say:


You need an ideal combination of individualized support within a small, intimate group setting. You need to learn from others, benefit from their mistakes and lessons as well as be an inspiration and role model to them. You need 1-on-1 private hand holding to be able to put all the pieces and ideas together that are floating around in your head, and are keeping you up at night.

You need to empty your heart and mind, and have your wisdom reflected back to you. You need to not have more content shoved down your throat. You have been blasted enough by countless content marketing group programs. You don’t need yet another home study course or automated webinar series that leaves you feeling overwhelmed, confused and struggling. You need more than 5 minute hot seat coaching that doesn’t get to the core, leaving you feeling there’s always more that’s unexpressed.

You need to have both, a personal and business identity to have a real foundation to grow from. You need to own your unique expertise so that your can be seen and perceived as the go-to-expert. You need to stop selling your experience as in time for money and be paid for results. You need to have your own timeless brand so you can finally emerge on the scene.

You need to start with the end in mind. You need a big vision for your business that has you rise up from copycat mediocrity and finally make the impact you’ve been wanting to have. You need to be rescued out of your fear-based niche-thinking and product-driven mindset to discover the real purpose behind your business. You need to have a breakthrough around stepping into your genius so that you can finally unravel your gifts to the world.

You need to be held with the greatest love and compassion, and at the same time to your highest standard. You need to be in an environment where you are no longer trying to do it all alone, where people believe in you and help you rise to your full potential. You need to be supported in your expansion and challenged to surrender to what really wants to emerge.

You need done-for-you services. You need to have someone with the know-how in guiding you of what to do, what not to do, in what order in your online launch. You need guidance in designing your logo and online look-and-feel. You need a brand launch kit designed by creative, loving support.

You’re seeking a powerful and prosperous business breakthrough. You need to EMERGE.