Wardrobe reinvention or how to do a closet make-over to reflect your highest personal brand

If you’re like most of my clients you LOVE to shop for new clothes.

Trying on new outfits is oh-so invigorating and fun. You feel fantastic looking into the mirror in the changing room. You check out at the cash register, still feeling optimistic. Yet, almost unnoticeable at first, a sneaky heaviness creeps up on you as soon as you leave the store. By the time you’re home things are drastically different.  Ezine_Article_Closet

What felt like freedom, possibility and adventure all of a sudden feels like an illusion, a self-lie and a burden. Uninspired, bulky shopping bags are sitting in front of your closet—for days. Silently you regret the purchase. Clothes have become a complicated obligation, a drag. No refunds on denied sentiments. No returns on dreams. You’re stuck.

The answer is simple:

Your closet is full of old, stuck energy that zaps the juice out of your hopeful vision, leaving you feeling confused, guilty and bad.

Old corporate suits from a previous lifetime are starring at you with doubt. Hardly worn (expensive) clothes scream at you with all of life’s remorse. Hand-me-downs from your best girl friends choke you with loving expectations. And the black array of every-day-wear wraps you with thrifty comfort. Yuk.

Your closet is giving you a multiple disorder complex!

No wonder you’re not feeling uplifted in the morning when it’s time to get dressed. When your wardrobe is stuck in the past you can’t embody your most ideal brand expression.

So are you ready to free yourself of this dis-empowering pattern? Here’s a simple rule I’ve used since decades that’s turned our family closets into fountains of joy, abundance and empowerment:

S O U L   P U R P O S E   B R A N D I N G   T I P

Every time a new piece of clothing comes into your life (aka your closet) an old one has to leave.

In helping my clients prepare for their soul purpose photo shoots, I’ve seen many closets. On average almost half of what’s in them had to be purged since it wasn’t a match anymore to the new brand emergence. That’s a lot of clothes obstructing your present-time embodiment.

Like the saying goes: make room for new.

If you keep piling the new on top of the old, you will be bound hostage by your past—guaranteed. Like water gets stale if there’s no flow, all the new energy turns instantly murky once stagnation has gotten a hold. It’s like everything gets swallowed up in a dark pond of unconscious matter. At that point it’s a big, old ordeal to clear it all out which is why most people have closets that are overwhelming them. Don’t let it get that to that point. Create a continuous in-and out-pour of fresh, new influences that wash away the old and regularly renew your identity and life.

This rule of thumb is easy to implement and so rewarding and freeing!

Every new piece of clothing replaces an old piece that’s served its purpose. That’s it. Before you know it you feel just the way you imagined in that dressing room. You can open the closet and be greeted by fresh, vibrant, healthy present-time energy. Like a breath of fresh air!

I don’t know of any less expensive way to boost your personal brand than to shift your (wardrobe) energy.


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®