My recent TV segment of The Orgena Rose Show

 Orgena: “Welcome back. I am so glad you’re here to see my next guest. She is The Wizard of Soul Purpose Branding. She’s an international best selling co-author and a pioneer of Wired Web. Please welcome to the show Sabine Messner.”

Sabine: “Orgena.”

Orgena: “Hello love, how are you? “

Sabine: “Hello, I’m so good. Thank you for having me.”

Orgena:  “Absolutely. Welcome welcome. Have a seat and oh let’s have a fabulous chat around I know right? Something juicy. . (…) Alright, so talk to me about this titling The Wizard of Soul Purpose Branding. How did you arrive at that?”

Sabine: “Isn’t that something huh?”

Orgena: “It is. Quite delicious. I love that word Wizard. You know we have lots of ideas around that so what does that mean for you?”

Sabine: “Well, the Wizard you know the reason why I chose that for myself is because there is definitely an alchemy involved and something magical involved where a person has to have studied a lot of different things to sort of like bring them all together and to uniquely calibrate them to the person.”

Orgena: “Oh I love that word.”

Sabine: “So it’s not just like a process where one size fits all but it’s really like actually a deep transformative process where you know really looking at the unique soul and the unique  purpose and how that can be translated.  So there’s a lot nuisance there.”

Orgena:” Yes! Do you feel like you kind of intuitively tap in to one’s particular energy when you’re working with them?”

Sabine: “Oh yeah. Absolutely and what’s so exciting about it is not only am I tapping in their angelic and spiritual support system.  (…) It’s giving me the whole downloads. It’s like in many ways, it’s the position of being a sacred witness. To really allow the emerging entrepreneur or what I would like to call the new paradigm entrepreneurs to really create the bridge to be all that they can be and to be the bridge to a new economy, to a new world, to all the things that we in a collective understand to a degree but we don’t know exactly how we can go about it.”

Orgena: “Yes.”

Sabine: “And this type of soul purpose branding is actually coming from the future. It is really positioning them in their highest becoming. So we’re really reverse engineering everything from the future in to the present moment. “

Orgena: “That was so chockfull. Wasn’t that just delicious? There were so many nuggets in there because I just love that you’re coming from the soul, deeper level. You’re acknowledging all of the angelic and other entities that are in support in each of us as we are moving in this earth and that you’re really working with all of that.”

Sabine: “It’s all encompassing.”

Orgena: “It really is.”

Sabine: “It really is a sacred process and usually in the first session with my private platinum clients, we start out with the sacred soul journey that is between 6 to 8 hours long. “

Orgena: “Wow!”

Sabine: “Non-stop. It’s kinda like a sun dance with one’s soul.”

Orgena: “Sun dance with one’s soul.”

Sabine: “Yes! We could be talking about that just for an hour.”

Orgena: “We sure could. We can actually do that in a little. Wouldn’t that be fun.”

Sabine: “Just recently, my recent clients said, “Boy you should really get to know people on a very deep level. It takes somebody with the capacity to hold a space for other big big people, right?”

Orgena: “Right. The energy.”

Sabine: “You can’t really rush in to that. It’s not something like I need to do that in this way or that way. It’s like one of those things where I myself am being supported like you are supported by a greater cause, step into a greater identity of yourself and you really surrendering to the support. Because really, it is bigger than us, right?”

Orgena: “It is. And why would you say that it’s important. Why would you say that it’s important for each one of us to tap into our soul’s purpose?”

Sabine: “Thank you for asking that question. I was preparing for that one. So you know being around the block in the expert industry, you know you hear a lot about people understand about the importance to have their business be on purpose and to be in purpose. But I still feel that we tend to belittle our purposes. I’ve heard a lot of people say “Oh it’s my purpose to empower female entrepreneurs to make more money, to understand their self worth and make more money. From my perspective, that is not a soul’s purpose. That is a positioning statement and it’s a niche declaration. It’s not a soul purpose. Soul purpose would be something like – I allow other souls to spread their wings. I free them of their shackles, of disempowerment, or something that is actually pretty big and to a degree  also non tangible and you wanna keep it that way. I wanna give you an example. You yourself. After your career as an opera singer,  I know you gave singing lessons.”

Orgena: “Yes yes.”

Sabine: “Now, during that time you could have said –Oh it is my soul’s purpose to help people find their voce and sing. That would have been ideally. It would have been really amazing. I’m sure you said that.”

Orgena: “That one I did for many years.”

Sabine: “You did for many years. “

: “ Yes.”

Sabine: “And then as you evolve, you realized wait a minute this is not just to help people vocalize, to be a singer. This is also about helping people to vocalize their message so that all the speakers that are emerging on stages have their voices. I know that you’ve evolved to that and here you are today, really having truly unleashed your true soul’s purpose which is really helping people to sing their soul’s song and have that be forever encapsulated. That is the ultimate soul purpose. Would you not agree?

Orgena: “I would. (.. .) It’s so true. It has been such a journey to do exactly that and I never saw this for myself. I saw the pieces along the way and it took years of so many people just planting seeds and the support system planting seeds and sending messenger s to bring me to this place. That’s such a journey and that is why I love how you spoke about you really hold that space because you know I’ve had people hold that space for me and it really is sacred work and beautiful, beautiful work to do.”

Sabine: “And now you can see yourself like from giving vocal voice lessons from being a voice coach to really transporting other people soul’s songs.”

Orgena: “Aha. Voice into the world.”

Sabine: “Into the world and also preserving them and making them eternal.”

Orgena: “Yes.”

Sabine: “So imagine this is what I’m talking about soul purpose. Imagine there would be a way where I could have taken you from this place, a vocal voice coach. I would have been able to transport you right into this like here’s the ultimate becoming. This is what this is truly all about. And then position you there, begin your entire business there, through the branding where not everything just gets expressed through words, you know as they say an image is a thousand words.”

Orgena: “Yes.”

Sabine: “And in between the image, there’s also the vibration, there’s the frequency. So when we really put the intentionality into it. When we have that image, the brand, the brand name recognition, and all of the things that I have studied for decades, I can’t wait to put them all out there. Then you can imagine what that does to a person’s life and business. It catapults you in to your highest becoming.”

Orgena: “In to your highest, yeah it’s true.”

: “And you know what happens to me all the time and I know this in the beginning when I went on to this entrepreneur path, I too have been trying to be a good student and niche and find out who my ideal client is. I wrote the pamphlet and I did it all to the T and you know not only that I was failing; there was no sales conversion in my business during that time. When I tried to really cater to my ideal client, nothing worked. It was just like incongruent from A to Z. I was so miserable. I felt so miserable and then I got very angry. I was furious. I was like -who are we to belittle our soul’s purpose so that we cater to the headlines of attractions so that our ideal clients. We don’t even know who our ideal clients are.”

Orgena: “Yeah. Well, still many of us are still learning who we are.”

Sabine: “Exactly!”

Orgena: “And who we’re meant to be on this planet right?”

Sabine: “So today when I speak from my soul like right now, I have so many clients that are signing up and they say to me –you know, I don’t even know exactly what you do and how you do it but I know on a soul level that I need to work with you.”

: “Excellent. Beautifully stated and right on that point, we are going to come right back and hear more from Sabine Messner.”


Orgena: “We are back with Sabine Messner who is sharing with us her soul purpose branding wizardry, truly the magic that is Sabine and how she helps each one of us to really step into our deepest soul purpose.  So Sabine, we have just been really enjoying all that you’ve been sharing with us so far today. It’s just truly truly lovely and we wanna go even a little deeper in that and find out what’s a tool or a tip or something that each of us can do today to kind of kinda feel a shift in the way that you show up.”

Sabine: “Definitely. There’s two big shifts, tips that I would love to share to everyone. Branding as you know is this big fairly unregulated discipline, right?”

Orgena: “Yeah like kind of wide open and not too many people know what that means.”

Sabine: “Yeah and so many people go blurry eyed. When do I need a brander? What does branding even mean? So there’s a lot of confusion and if you hire a brander, you actually never know what the outcome is because there’s different branding methodologies and different branding approaches. Unlike for example if you hire a copywriter or something like that, you have a much clearer, more defiant expectation. So what has often happen, what I see happening a lot in the industry is that people think that they need to have it all figured out before they can go to a brander and then they think the brander will give them a logo, the visual look and feel to make it all pretty. That’s actually a big misunderstanding. Steve Jobs for example really understood branding very very well. He took basically branding principles like what is the brand of Apple which is never about the techno logy. The Apple brand was always about our relationship with technology. If you take that, those brand values and you make them front and center. You start with that. Again, it’s like starting with the ultimate end in mind not like with what you wanna evolve into because you never kinda like a trajectory.”

: “Yes.”

Sabine: “If you start with what you think you’re headed, you’ll always gonna be off, quite a bit. You have to start with what you ultimately want to be remembered for and put that right into your brand. In our industry that we’re in, the expert industry, most people are in business with themselves. So the approach of getting a company logo done is actually a judgment for them because they end up hiding behind their logo. ”

: “Right because it’s smaller probably what than (…) ”

: “Yeah and oftentimes there’s graphical things.  I have a lot of my clients that said “Oh yeah I’m hiring this graphic artist and I wanna have the hummingbird in there, I wanna have the butterfly in there and all of these symbols that by themselves would be great brand components someplace else but then they are not coming through.”

: “So they’re lost in all of these symbolic.”

Sabine: “Yeah the graphical stuff and they can also really get dated very fast. My general rule of thumb for a really big brand through is go with a strong brand name, go with a simple typographical logo, something clean and timeless, and don’t hide behind your logo and don’t hide behind the headshots either. Like really let some of your essence come through photography that lets people get a connection on a heart level.”

Orgena: “Yes and which I have to tell you, this woman is a walking example of that. Her photos are absolutely brilliant. I mean, you wanna see a picture of pure bliss? Seriously, go look at Sabine’s newest pictures. I mean you were just in full bliss, energy, joy, just absolute ecstasy comes from those pictures.”

Sabine: “So when you open a photo shoot like that, then I’m not projecting a perfect image because my hair is not perfect, my make up maybe.”

: “But it is perfect, right?”

Sabine: “My presence is there and that’s what translates.”

Orgena: “Your energy.”

Sabine: “Exactly. So headshots are important. Put them in your media kit, in your press kit, you need  them there. But don’t put them on your homepage.  Oftentimes, headshots they make us look so polished and proper and what happens is that people can’t have homepage videos where the real them is coming through because they look 10 years older. It creates a lot of discongruency. So I think if people just take that to heart like don’t hide behind the logo, don’t hide behind the perfect headshot. Really just let the name out there and the essence, your good to go.”

Orgena: “Especially don’t hide. It’s the common thing. Don’t hide. Let the truest essence from your soul to come through.”

Sabine: “Yes.”

Orgena: “Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. So what things are you working on and how can people really experience the absolute joy and brilliance of you.”

Sabine: “Oh, well you know this has been long coming. I have prepared myself for lifetimes I would say to be of service in exactly this way. And I feel like this is just the beginning. It’s all really coming all together for me.  So I have the great fortune to work with already some amazing luminaries like Tim Kelley, the author of True Purpose, and Jeffrey Van Dyk are clients of mine and they  wholeheartedly endorsed my process.  What that means is that also really high caliber people that have devoted their lives and career to being on purpose truly benefit from this process because it even heightens their already great awareness about themselves. The process that for my one on one platinum clients is really a deep transformative process where we really understand about the soul essence, about the soul purpose. We put that into the brand positioning and then we basically look to it how that gets expressed visually. For me the greatest challenge was always how can I do this on a group level because there are so many people I can work with one on one. I was really sitting with that for the last 2 years and I am so overjoyed I have finally found an avenue where I can provide through different processes. I would almost say similar depths, not as uniquely calibrated but with similar depths in a group context. This is a program that I am launching. It’s called Soul Brand Emergence. It’s a virtual retreat so anybody from the world can come. We really are going into a ritualistic brand incubation space where people can come with whatever their brand integration is already and we will get it all calibrated. From there there’s also photo shoot. There’s so many different things that I can work with for a person.”

Orgena: “I love the word that you keep  using and I want you to expand on a bit and that is calibration. For those who may not be familiar with that, how do you understand calibration?”

Sabine: “The calibration is when you really understand that everything is frequency ultimately.  Specifically also an image, colors. I love colors. So everything translates into frequency. I love also Dr. Emoto with the words in the water bottle. Even words carry the frequency. So when you approach personal branding really and this is what we’re talking about, as a sacred process, then words, images, your soul’s purpose message, all of those things kinda like have to be looked in an all encompassing context. It’s a like a little bit of symphony. (…) The importance of calibrating all of these aspects is definitely recognized in this process.”

Orgena: “Excellent. Thank you so so much for being with us and sharing your unique brilliance with each one of us today. I know I certainly have gotten really  just wonderful nuggets from how you show up in the world in a different way and help people to do that in their unique way, in their soul’s purpose. What would you like to say just kind of final thoughts to share with each of our guests today.”

: “What I would love to say is that it’s never too late to surrender to the greatness of your sacred calling. It’s not something that is in your head. It’s something that unplugged, go deep within and don’t be afraid to put that out there, to really just emanate from that place. I have certainly enjoyed the journey because when you are in business with your soul’s purpose, not only it’s the ultimate self realization but you are tapping into a prosperity flow where it doesn’t matter how fast you get to the goal. There’s no rush there. All along, you are working in a place of abundance. So really it’s never too late to drop whatever extra stuff that is happening and just get on that purpose band wagon.”

Orgena: “Beautiful. Thank you so much Sabine.”

Sabine: “Thanks Orgena.”


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®