‘Tis is the season of (universal) reinvention

Are you feeling it? The Grande Finale! It’s finally happening. We’re mere hours away from the harmonic gateway 12-12-12 and a week from 12-21-12, an unprecedented galactic event never before mapped in human history. If you’re thinking, what’s the big deal?Nothing much is different don’t be fooled! Beneath a seeming indifference e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is changing.

According to the Mayan this is the moment of our spiritual rebirth. It’s both the end and the BE-ginning of a whole new way of life, the opportunity for renewal and reinvention.

I’m not going to woo-woo all over you. Yet, as a passionate reinvention expert, I’m here to remind you there has never been a more supportive, peaceful and loving time to reinvent yourself. Within the next 10+ days you can make a quantum leap like you’ve never deemed possible.

This moment in time is so exceptional, so “out-of-this-world” that I wanted to share a little video I created for you (you will be seeing me do this regularly). In it I talk about how I’ve prepared for this special time, what it entails and what the opportunity is for YOU (… and yes, that’s me in our sunny, tropical backyard on December 10, 2012 ;-).

The good news is you don’t need to effort. The universe is doing all “the heavy lifting” for you. All you need to do is show up, open up and allow. So do take some time out on Wednesday 12-12-12 and dwell on how you wish to enter this new era. Let the feeling of love and inner union guide to a vision as glorious as you, dear Sabine .

And so it is.

I’m curious… how will you reinvent your wardrobe to reflect your next highest iteration? 

P.S Here’s the transcription of the video I did for you in case you prefer to read:

Hello and welcome beautiful purpose driven entrepreneur! It’s Dec 10, 2012 and today, I am making a video showing how I prepared myself for the extraordinary important time we call harmonic gateway, also known 12-12-12, December 12, 2012. I would like to talk to you about why it is important? What I have been doing to prepare for it? What you can do to prepare for it? What follows afterwards?

We have been coming up towards this day for Eons. On this particular day, we are going through a harmonic conversion where I can see it like we are passing through a corridor where there’s a specific sacred geometry where we are passing through that our mind, body and spirit will be brought in a whole different formation. Following days until 12-21-12, the rebirth of the Great Sun. The moment where the Mayans have predicted where they have seen a thousand years and years ago that the calendars and thus our understanding and knowing of time “as we know it”, would end.

12-21-12 is a time where the sun passes through the “zero point” in the galactic equator and comes out of the other side. Suddenly, in the lifetime that we are around, we probably have not experienced this.  It’s an unprecedented galactic event. I don’t know much about the stars or astrology but I do feel it in my bones and essence that this is an extraordinary moment. An opportunity for our cosmic selves on that quintessential level that I am so tuned in to and that I want to constantly bring more and more inter everyday  and help you through branding, through messaging, through the way you are doing your business, to really live the essential thing. That quintessential part of us has an opportunity to be reborn along with it.  It’s a spiritual rebirth. It’s a re-awakening.  It’s a resurrection.  It’s every re-invention.

How I have been preparing myself for this extraordinary time that is coming up. I have looked at everything in my life as an expression of my divinity. I have tried to do best I can not to differentiate between my body from the technology, my home, my surroundings and all of those things. I have taken a note how to create congruence.  I firmly believe that when you have congruence, you live beauty, you live health, you live wealth and like a wire man, you are stepping into your highest self.

Looking at all the things that have been bothering me that were not the highest frequency of myself. I have done a lot of growth and up leveling in my business. Sacrifice on other sides of my life, for example in certain areas of my home that are not aligned with this energy. For the last couple of weeks I have clearing, cleaning out, de-cluttering, remodeling projects, beautifying, accentuating my front entrance, the garage, the car, the office, up leveling my bookkeeping to QuickBooks online, and to InfusionSoft.  From my home, to tools and technologies I used, these are all inclusive as a way how I raise my frequency in my outer expression. That’s how I am preparing myself to go through the harmonic gateway.

Between the extraordinary time between 12-12-12 and 12-21-12, it’s all about feeling love and feeling that no matter what obstacles or challenges or breakdowns we maybe are experiencing, just really coming from that place of divine perfection and love. Even if it is still in process, your intention goes a long way. Really make sure that you have enough time to dwell on your highest dream, on your highest purpose. Dwell on reuniting yourself with your highest essence.

I hope this inspires you to also get ready for 12-12-12. No stress. It’s all perfect. Just the intention alone goes such a tremendous long way.

Thank you for tuning in and enjoy the ride!


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®