“Everybody should do EMERGE if they are doing business.”—Shauna Vanderhoek

Thank you Shauna for being so courageous and graceful in taking your business vision and running with it and in implementing it with so much grace and ease!

Sabine: “Hello and welcome to a Soul Purpose Branding client case study. And today, I am so excited to introduce you all the foster child client Shauna E. Vanderhoek. Shauna, welcome to this call.”

Shauna: “Thank you. It’s an honor. It’s been a fun journey.”

Sabine: “It’s been such an incredible adventure and a journey. So blessed with so many miracles along the way. It’s only been six months that you’ve joined me for the EMERGE virtual retreat and the reason why you are a foster child client is actually you have achieved in just leapilly a couple of weeks such an extraordinary life milestone that so many people want to achieve and many of them probably never really get to experience it. And that is to leave a 30+ super successful career behind and leap into the entrepreneurship but do it in a such a way that you don’t end up chasing your tail, going in circles, zigzagging around, spending a ton of money, and finding yourself exhausted and broke you know just down the road. You leaped into this entrepreneurship like this (showing calmness) and you are just soaring and in fact you are cruising. Tell us a little more about why you joined EMERGE and what happened ever since.

Shauna: “Well I remember meeting you and I just love your energy and I had idea for business, wanted to serve business owners and I need to brand it of course and that’s what your teaching so I signed up for your workshop and I remember so frustrated with you by the morning of day 2 because you didn’t still care what my business was, you didn’t even ask. And I’m so grateful for that because the process that you took me through, I got to see what I had put together as a business concept, I would be playing potatoes, I would not be using my gifts and I wouldn’t be having fun after a few months I would have been bored to tears. And it all shifted that week that we worked together. So now it’s YourBusinessOnCruise.com and I’m happy to be bringing in experts for small business owners. I am planning a cruise in the fall where I’ll bring experts on board and yet a nice trip where you get to write things off and learn and transform your business and I’m putting a 90-day program Smooth Sailing to take your one year goal and take that first quarter and just make sure that you’re rocket-shipping out the gate.”

Sabine: “Isn’t that amazing? Everybody who I tell you about your business vision they all say I wanna be there. Your Business On Cruise, Smooth Sailing for small business owners. More time, more money, more fun with Captain Shauna, I mean that’s what came out of EMERGE. But I really wanna shine a highlight at that breaking point. It was kinda like Day 2 which is ironically also called Break Through and I know so well that for us to have a breakthrough, inevitably there needs to be a break down somewhere. We need to break down limited beliefs, we need to melt down emotional barriers, we need to break down a little bit also of that ego mindset that wants it’s certain way that is so afraid to do it the wrong way, that is so has no faith, no vision but wants it executed. But when you came to me with your business “vision”, I knew it wasn’t a business vision. I knew it would have had you be the slave in your own, proving your worth machinery and you would have been running amok and probably gotten sick and exhausted and also have not gotten far. Let’s talk a little bit about that because that I think is the biggest breakthrough that we have created that everything else is now following suit. That was so powerful for us. Talk about what was your “small potato business vision” and how did we expand it. What took place.”

Shauna: “Well, the small potato was ‘coz I just want to share information with business owners. Most of them are misinformed, they just don’t know things that will make their business easier and I figured well I can bring information via newsletter through snail mail because we get too much email and I have expert guest columnist and what you said to me was you’re just gonna have another job, you’ll be bored. And when you said that it was like, Ahh you were so right. You hit it right in the head and I so didn’t wanna hear it. I’m so glad you spoke up because that was part of the Day 2 break down. I remember on the morning of the third day, I woke up, I’m not a morning person but I woke up so early before even the sun got up, I decided I would drive to the beach, go journal and walk on the beach and watch the sun rise. And I did and that’s where I just kind of like, okay let’s let go of this small vision and let’s step into what I know I am capable of delivering personally without bringing in all the experts and I still wanna bring in all the experts but it allowed me to step into a new place and truly honor what I’ve got to give.”

Sabine: “I remember vividly that you looked like a brand new person and everyone in the Google Hangout said Oh my god who is this woman. When you came back on that day 3, you had truly shifted out of an old mindset that would have you basically prove your worth to the future clients would have been your bosses, right? Versus really being the leader. One of the things that I’m so excited about that we achieved in this brand vision with Your Business On Cruise is that it honors all of that skills and the structure that you bring to the table. So you a lifetime of experience working as a project manager, as a producer, in corporate America, in a very male oriented deadline driven industry and we were able to take those sort brick and mortar and masculine skills, getting done on time and to put those into a beautiful business model and brand that has you really be in the flow and truly in the feminine. So let’s talk a little about that shift because that was also the surrendering that took place in Day 2 where you really melted down into actually a soul presence that we brought in from Day 1, from that soul journey. Let’s talk about that male and female balancing in your business vision and how that came about.”

Shauna: “When you said my background is corporate America as a private consultant to lots of large companies so I’ve got that masculine part down and (…) a great work ethic. I knew life should be more fun and so one of my goals and what I want to bring to small business owners. Your business should be fun and if you’re not having fun, don’t do it. Do something else. Fun is a really large element in creating something new and that’s why so the cruise will be fun besides getting to learn, I love to learn. It’s really bringing all the things that I want there, the having fun, the having more time to balance your life, to do the other things that are important to you. In that designing my own business, in fact my first telesummit was Lifestyle Business by Design, to help bring in all the elements, design it the way you want. I forgot what your original question was but I hope that answered it.”

Sabine: “The male female balancing. You actually instead of starting a business that had you doing things. You started a business and launched into a business that have you be the role model which basically from the very beginning, had you do it in such a way where you had more fun, you had more time and also that’s generated more money. Because this whole thing has just lifted off from the beginning and from what I’ve seen and you’ve achieved in a very short amount of time. A couple of months after EMERGE you quit your job, went straight to launching a telesummit and here’s the business, it’s flowing, it’s on cruise already. And everybody who I’m telling the ideas we learn how to run a small business so much more efficiently while vacationing there’s such a good powerful invitation because when we are in our mindset that has us already basically cemented in the habitual thinking, you actually are taking people in the relaxed state, you teach best practices while they are actually expanding into their new becoming. You really actually going to create an environment where you yourself have more fun and more time, you actually create more lasting results for your clients and they will love you because that was not only a vacation, that’s a tax write off and it’s also a mastermind best practices training camp and a networking environment. What could be better than that? That was the vision that we created and those visions are so big that it can take a couple of years until all the pieces come together.

Let’s talk a little about having that sort of big vision. So many people are actually afraid to go after the big vision. Why is it actually easier when you align your self with your brand and your positioning perfectly with that big vision.”

Shauna: “Once you have the vision, once you know where you’re going and you got, like you said, the alignment of the brand, it  makes the vision real to other people. To me, that’s what the brand has done. Aside from it’s very visual, it insight questions —what’s with the hat?—because I have a little cap in my head. (Laughs). It’s been a way to having fun even in that way. I’m losing track on your questions again sorry.”

Sabine: (Laughs). “Well the big vision you know..”

Shauna: “It’s much easier to leap when you’ve got something big to leap into as well. If you’re trying to do something small potatoes or a little bit at a time or do just a little around the edge, you can’t ever quite get there. Crawling just doesn’t work. If you take a leap, you can get there much faster. It’s scary, I’ve definitely been scared but the journey is worth it. It’s worth getting to where you want to go.”

Sabine: “It’s a reverse engineering right? We’ve got the big vision already so now you actually can see it unfold right in front of you. And I think also when you are in alignment with that big vision, people like you said they get you and I have often found that they enroll themselves in your vision because they love your vision, they love you so much better and there is not really selling going on. Have you noticed that effect?”

Shauna: “Yeah every time I mention the cruise, I’ve got people say let me know when you’re doing that.”

Sabine: “Exactly because it’s such a wonderful invitation. So what would you say, in closing, as an EMERGE poster child client, why do you think it is so important to take time out to really EMERGE with the right vision, with the right brand. What would you say to people who are sort of thinking about joining us?”

Shauna: “Wow! There’s no other way to do it. You’ve got to go deep and make sure you’re going in the right direction. I think that’s what it was, I was off cue there, I was trying to do something that really wasn’t fully me and your whole EMERGE process, that Day 1 with really getting in touch with your soul and your essence and what’s important to you, that really set the stage for the weekend to tune out the way it did. That was an incredible process. Everybody should do your course if they are doing business.”

Sabine: “Wow thank you so much Shauna. Thank you so much. Thank you also for being so courageous and graceful in taking this vision and running with it and in implementing it with so much grace and ease. I know that you are bound to be extraordinarily successful and you will really show so many people how to get out of the small business stuckness and get their business on cruise. Everybody please check out YourBusinessOnCruise.com and go on a cruise with Captain Shauna E. Vanderhoek. Thank you so much for this time.”

Shauna: “Thank you Sabine and thank you for what you’ve done for me I so appreciate it.”

Sabine: “Oh I so appreciate seeing it happen. Thank you Shauna.”


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®