I rebooted my business and I love it!

How have you been? I’ve been thinking of you. It’s a time for new beginnings—can you feel it? How have you renewed yourself and your life? How do *you* start anything anew?

Me? I wouldn’t be a reinvention expert if I wouldn’t regularly (and almost religiously) reinvent  Ezine_020113_Intromyself. This time my own reinvention altered me at the core. I not only reinvented my life style and thus my family’s life style, my home and most critically—my business. WOW! I was silently busy! In fact, it took a 6-week sabbatical from the outside/online world to undergo this massive renewal. For a while our entire house looked like we were moving out of state. I thought perhaps I went a bit overboard when my friend Carol Rydell reminded me that we were in fact moving to a higher dimension of being. No wonder we need to lighten the load!

Here’s what’s different in my life:

1. I radically changed what I eat, when I eat and how I eat— and I love it. To my delight I keep watching pounds of toxic weight falling off my body without any dieting. And yes, there’s that special swing now in my walk again that I had almost forgotten… 😉

2. I radically changed many of my life style habits—and I love it. I created new rituals for my body, my relationships, my creativity and my spiritual life—all creating space for novelty and inspiration, infusing me with new ideas and the vision to live big.

3. I radically changed the things I surround myself with—and I love it. Yes, I cleared out more “old stuff,” rearranged everything anew and sparingly brought in fresh, new high-end designer objects as well as runway clothes that make me feel delicious.

4. I radically changed my business—and I love it. I bravely “rebooted it” which means I actually had to shut it down temporarily in order to power it up anew. This reboot enabled me to quit pretty much everything I’ve been doing up until this point in order to make the inner and outer shift from being a creative service provider to being a visionary leader.* That’s the big shift that so many entrepreneurs struggle with. I’m doing it and it works like a charm!

Case and point: I’m speaking alongside my mentors Lisa Sasevich, Lisa Cherney and Andrea J. Lee as part of the Dream Launch Series Telesummit! Not only that, I branded and positioned the fabulous Maribel Jimenez, host of this Dream Launch Series, as “The Dream Launch Mentor” with “Your Dream Launch” as her new trade mark name. How cool is that?

Maribel has been my last hands-on branding client* and I’ve finished up her launch with the greatest pride and passion. Which shows! Only a few days after her Soul Purpose Branding session she made $100,000 in one week—all because of her new purpose and brand clarity. Where before she was trapped with all of her tremendous potential in a complicated multiple niche syndrome, she’s now mapping out her 7-figure business plan with ease, grace and confidence. GRAND SLAM.

If you’re trapped in a maze of program offerings or struggle with being an undervalued service provider, let me help you reboot YOUR business too. I’m offering a super special on a REBOOT YOUR BUSINESS VIP DAY. Simply click here to apply for a complimentary discovery session

*Don’t worry! I’ll still be doing the phenomenal, life changing Soul Purpose Branding work that I’ve gotten to be known for. In fact, I’ll be doing much more of it and for more people. In order to stay true to my own tagline Brave, bold and beautiful however, I’m stepping into my next bigger purpose as a visionary leader. Which means my business model follows suit. What do you know… I’ve finally hired myself to be my own client. A genius idea, don’t you think?!


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®