PowerReinvention Soul Purpose Process

Helping people to uncover what it is that they are truly meant to do in this world and what’s their soul’s purpose is what PowerReinvention is all about. I have developed a beautiful way where I can bring a person into the direct contact with their soul essence and let them have all the answers arise and then we translate that information directly into a personal brand and bring them life on the web search. It’s all the way from spiritual to the nuts and bolts of a high powered online presence. It was actually this gift to be someone who can see souls at an early age. My father past away and it was actually during his passing when I spontaneously became a seer. I saw his soul leave his body. At first I could not utilize that gift so well but later on in my life, I learned how to harness this beautiful gift and combined it also with my artistry and my skills as a designer and specifically as a web designer. Finally, I am at the point in my life where I can really bring the soul healer and the artist together and also bring the entrepreneur into the mix. That’s really a powerful place to be.

There was a time we were forced to a good degree to be in the closet and I myself suffered a great deal to sacrifice my own spirituality. Then there’s the awakening, many people are coming out now and confirming that they’ve had those types of spiritual callings and awakenings. This challenge of having all of these components come together is a big one but I really feel that the times have changed. We are at this amazing junction where we need to step into our soul purpose in order to be successful. Living a spiritual life is what this is all about. It takes a village to get that momentum of getting on your sacred path. For me, when I got that wake up call, I did a mix of between I hibernated, I retrieved which is a healthy and wholesome thing but I also was also very intentionally building strong relationship with people who are on the same path and working on creating their destiny, leaving employment, bunch of conditions, limitations and mainstream beliefs behind. Finding that community or communing with your own inner voice and harnessing that inner strength is the first step.

To get clarity on our purpose is still a mystery road but nevertheless, we know what it feels like when we are on it. We are in an era where we are a bit like of Moses when he was given the task to bring the people out of Egypt into the Promised Land and God revealed this big mission to him, Moses was doubted himself and God listened to Moses and reassured him that he was the chosen one to do this task. In many ways, this is exactly how we feel when we embark on our journey. The mission that we carry in our hearts of hearts may seem just as big as bringing the entire people to the Promised Land. When I worked with people and journey with them to upper world during this technique that I have developed which now a trademark called PowerReinvention soul purpose session and when I bring people to the upper world and their soul purpose is revealed, it’s almost like I want to go down on my knees and say this is too way big and who am I to live and fulfill on this soul purpose.

But Our Creator is not cruel and He divinely designed us to execute precisely on our soul purpose. Just like Moses when he overcame his self doubt and finally got himself going, he succeeded on his mission. Similarly, we all have equally big purpose right now because our earth is going through a death and rebirth process which is evidenced by the enormous things that are going on. We are on a very different place that we have not been in our journey. It is the time to do our own rebirthing and we need to step it up. I believe that our soul purpose is what creates this new world. This is how we dream of the world that we have always wanted to live in. Everybody who is alive right now has to chosen to be and confronted all the challenges on whatever level that may have affected them. Where ever we are with our life right now, if we can connect to our spirit and our heart and make a little bit more room for that soul purpose to really guide us, that’s stepping on to our purpose.

PowerReinvention can help anyone who wants to step into their soul purpose. It is a 4 phase process over the course of 3 months. First is the soul piece where we go mining and harnessing your soul purpose and getting clear on that. This is a phase where we I go very deep with the person. Phase 2 is the Personal Brand Strategy where we develop a very sophisticated personal brand strategy so we really anchor the spiritual purpose on the foundation of the brand strategy. Phase 3 is Claiming this where go on a soul photography journey, work on typography, design the look and feel of a logo, we basically work on how to manifest the soul purpose. It’s the phase where we work on the content, getting really clear on what they need to say and who their ideal client is and what they’re offering and how to package it. Phase 4 is Birthing it where the the technology piece comes in where we work on the developing a website and topnotch beautiful websites. The PowerReinvention soul purpose process is really from the spiritual intangible to the tangible nuts and bolts at the end.

Going through the PowerReinvention soul purpose process, one will be rebirth on who they really are meant to become anchoring on their highest destiny where everything is  designed divinely and brilliantly.


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®