“Today I have this amazing brand that is me. I get so many people who say, how did you do that?”—Maribel Jimenez

When Maribel Jimenez hired me she was already a successful multiple 6-figure entrepreneur. Yet, like so many others she hit that glass ceiling and wasn’t able to push through it. She was stuck. She didn’t stand out enough and people overlooked her true capacity. Well, we’ve changed that for good.

Maribel: “First I just want to give my gratitude to you Sabine. Just the amazing work that we’ve been able to collaborate on and had you bring forth from where I was a year ago. I really want to share my excitement because I see so many entrepreneurs who are in that place that I was, which was this deep desire to serve but not clear on how to communicate it to the world, which then creates a disconnect. And it means one-on-one trying to communicate it, when, you know, their website, their presence and their home online, was not really capturing their essence. It’s like a disservice. People would go there and see something different than what they saw in real life.

So for me you know a year ago, I had 3 separate brands. There were these three parts of me that were disconnected, and that I was supporting and that I was working hard to build. My deep desire connecting with you and my pain was, Sabine, help me bring this all together, help me bring my 3 brands together so that I could serve and that I could be really clear because I’m working triple hard supporting all 3 of these brands.

Again, it was connecting with the right people, and I wanted to ensure that my brand really communicated my essence, and who I was in a way that made me feel proud. That’s what we’ve been really able to do, and your process is really unique because you’re doing your gift, and your gift is really bringing this essence.

You’re such a good listener. It requires a deep connection and the patience to reveal what is that deep purpose that you are trying to communicate that is timeless and that is the key, not this temporary, generic brand that just looks good. It’s more than that. It’s that who is your essence and how to bring that out and communicate it where you feel like your online store really communicate that this who you are and that they almost met you by going to your online store, right? We’ve been able to do that together.

Your style is amazing because you know I’m impatient and your style allowed me to get grounded and really say “Hey, you need to walk before you run” and in doing so you can run in a big way. You slowed me down. You really got to the deep core of who am I here to serve, what is my deep purpose, what is my deep passion and really get clear. It takes having you to sit and do that with someone who knows how to pour those juices out, it takes a certain person. I’m glad that we were able to connect to do that. What happens since then is that this beautiful brand that I felt was so proud to share and I no longer wanted to go to my old site that makes me like “Hey, that’s was me 3 years ago, that’s not me today.”

Today, I have this amazing brand that really when you look at it, I get so many people say “How did you do that?”. You look at my card and my stuff and they say that’s you in real life. You have been able to capture that. It takes a certain eye, it takes a skill and experience and it takes intuition to be able to capture that and bring all that together. That’s why today, I’m really feeling that I am ready to share with the world in a big way. I really feel good about it. I have a multi-6 figure business, on my way to 7, and I feel just amazing around that because that is why I do. I created a dream business online and I was able to do that together with you and of course we are now sharing that with the world. It’s been a wonderful ride.

I can’t say enough. I share with everyone and I really feel like it’s a powerful process and I feel like it’s super important even if just in the beginning or anyone to have that process of really getting clear. It’s kind of what allows you to link in a big way. I recommend it to everyone that if you are not clear around who you are. It’s time to really get connected and get clear because that’s usually the place that allows you to go big, right? When you are really clear, the way I like to describe it is if you were dressed in this old dress and you don’t wanna come out yet. You form this amazing fabulous dress that makes you look gorgeous and that makes you want to come and show out to the world.

That is what a brand is for me. It shows my best self. It’s capturing who I am and makes me say—Now, let’s do this!”

-Maribel Jimenez


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®