How to lift off into an abundant life

Greetings from 10,000 feet over the Pacific Coast! I’m thinking about you as I’m flying from Intro_Pic2 San Francisco to San Diego, and how invigorating it is to be in business with your soul’s purpose. See, it really doesn’t matter how far along on the journey you are. It’s a long windy road anyway. Whether you’re just getting started with your dream business, gearing up to break 6-figures, leveraging yourself to make multiple 6-figures and more—if your soul isn’t singing along the way you’re missing the point.

As I’m about to start part 2 of my California trip, I’m in utter awe at how much abundance and support is available to us as soon as we declare that we want to be of service to the greatest good of all by bringing our most precious gifts, skills and talents to the (universal) table. And boy, is it a fun, full and rich life!
I’m so grateful for the abundance of co-creation. In a little bit more than an hour I will be meeting up with my Diamond client Margaret who came all the way from Australia to prepare for her photo shoot tomorrow. We’ll fine—tune wardrobe, makeup and of course the most scenic San Diego locations for the shoot. I’m most excited to make her Soul Purpose Brand emergence a reality. Last week I spent 4 days with Intro_Pic4 (1)my Diamond client Trina in gorgeous Carmel and Monterey helping her birth her entire brand empire while reinventing her wardrobe, and doing photo shoots along the stunning Pacific Coast. Needless to say, Trina and I bonded deeply. When I’m doing this type of intimate “brand birthing” with my clients it’s always a connection for life.


I’m so grateful for the abundance of timeless friendships. This morning I woke up outside of Napa in the wine country in a dome tent on the breathtaking property of my long time best friend Kate and her musician husband Skyler Jett. We spend all day yesterday drinking wine on her patio and catching up with each other. Heaven! The day before I got to visit with my dear friend Emily, a brilliant producer and MIT graduate whom I’m super close with since we were colleagues at Wired Magazine some 18 years ago. I feel so much love that my old girl friends open their home and heart to me once again—even on short notice.

I’m so grateful for the abundance of sacred soul mate partnership. In between all of these creative adventures my husband Leslie flew into town and together we spent 4 days at Harbin Hotsprings which is a phenomenal healing place east of Calistoga in the wine Intro_Pic3country. We spend many hours soaking every day in hot and cold mineral pools, eating the best organic foods and meeting wonderful people from all walks of life. We slept in a rustic—luxurious dome communing every night with a family of deer and an owl under the ultimate star tent. To top it all off we got invited to see Seal live in concert and attended an ecstatic community dance. Gotta love California!
I’m so grateful for the abundance of learning and teaching wherever I go. Two back-to-back mastermind retreats hosted by my mentors Lisa Sasevich and Vrinda Normand have been the initial inspiration for my wonderful California adventures. The longer I work with them and marinate in their brilliance, the more “I get it”— slowly but surely that is 😉 Yet, no Intro_Pic1matter how much I continue to learn from them, I firmly stand in the unshakable knowing that my greatest advisor has been and will always be God (aka Source or Great Spirit or whatever name you prefer). Therefore, on the ever-growing foundation of “expert industry knowledge,” I ultimately always go with my own intuition when it comes to making business decisions. This allows me to stay levelheaded and not get wrapped up—neither in false hype nor the opposite. I’m grateful to have always chosen to only learn from the best while always giving my best and sharing my wisdom along the way.

I’m already looking forward to sharing with you more exciting updates from the various unfolding client brand roll outs.


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®