“EMERGE changed my life on a very deep level.”—Olga Kuznetsova Stewart

Thank you for your GLOWING testimonial Olga. I am so moved to see you embody all the shifts and changes that happened during our EMERGE retreat. Your visions have already solidified and manifested. I’m in awe. 

Olga: “Hi! My name is Olga Kuznetsova Stewart and I am Soul Path Illuminator, Illumination Alchemist and Sun Wisdom Goddess. My website is TheIlluminationProcess.com and I help people to go deep inside and illuminate what is it that is hidden inside of them so that they could become magnificent kings, queens, rulers and leaders that they were born to be.

I’d like to share my experience with EMERGE. During the first day, I received a very deep healing. It’s something I didn’t expect. It was supposed to be just a brand and Emerge experience but for several years, I’ve been struggled with deep sadness inside of me and I did a lot of healing, different techniques but the sadness was there and I was able to see the sadness during the first day of EMERGE. I saw that, I recognized it and I healed it. It was so amazing experience because now I more excited about my life and every night when I go to bed,  I feel grateful just very grateful for every moment of my life. It’s just really big to me, really big.

Within 2 days after EMERGE, I was able to print my business cards and that’s something I struggled for a year and a half. I just did not know what to do, how to do that and why to do that. So I did that. After 5 days, I created my surroundings, I met incredible , just incredible people. I felt so seen and so understood. It feels really great. It’s something I wasn’t experiencing for a long time. I got connected to the soul aspect of myself so much that I was not afraid to express who I am by my style, my clothes, and those within the week, I received so many compliments about my style.  Even I have a person who is an image maker and she came up to me and just said, “You stand out so much! What are you doing? Who are you?” So that was very incredible.

Also, my voice changed. My voice started to be much deeper than it used to be. And now I realized that instead of feeling doubt and fears about my business and how to build my business, I feel inspired. So I shifted the way I created my business now. Not from the place of doubts and fears but from the place of inspiration. And I tell you what, when I saw Sabine on the stage, I saw it’s not for me. I didn’t have a single thought that would tell ‘Oh you should do that’. I didn’t have a thought so I decided right away, this is not for me. I’m at the very beginning stage of creating business so I don’t have anything to brand yet. But Universe had a very different plan. I actually won a free evaluation of Sabine and after I talked to her, my body was saying yes! Yes, I felt I just joined my body and I wanna do that. And I did that.

And now when I look back, I’m realizing that it was one of my best life decisions I ever made because EMERGE changed my life on a very deep level, not just on a business aspect of that. So thank you thank you Sabine.”


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®