“The way that I was able to understand myself and access more of who I am and bring that in my business will make a huge difference not just in my life but in the life of others.”—Heather Mckay Novak

Thank you beautiful Heather for your awe-inspiring testimonial for EMERGE.

“Hi my name is Heather Mckay Novak with resetyourmindset.net. I met Sabine Messner at an event, saw her speak on stage and was enamored, in awe, and excited that she had an offering of the class called EMERGE. And I signed up. I’m in a state of my business where I’m in transition and I knew something was coming that I wanted to kind of explore and express. She had told me that there’s gonna be a process about going in and discovering my soul purpose and seeing my soul landscape and I just cannot wait and of course when the class time came.

I was excited and a little nervous and I had an amazing experience and I have to say that I have taken a lot of classes and been to a lot of seminars over the years and this is one of the best classes I have ever taken and it’s really because of the work that Sabine does and the way she is in her business and the way she accesses her soul. I really love the ritual, ceremonial aspect of the class. I connected with that in a surprising way. I did not know that was coming.  I did not know that there was some ceremonial aspect of the class. But I felt this kind of deep rooted connection to ritual and it’s very calming and it helped me really create a sacred space for this process. I love the format of the class, that we did the class on Google Hangout and I was able to see and support the other people in the class and they were able to see me and we were able to see Sabine and it was just like we’re all together in the same room and yet we were in different parts of the world. I felt like the soul journey and understanding my soul landscape was just mind boggling.

Things happen during that process for me that put pieces of my life and the puzzle of my life together and made sense in all aspects of my life. Not just in my business but things that I just never really understood came together for me in this process. I love that we got to take the class from home. I didn’t have to travel anywhere. I’m a mom of two little girls and in the evenings I spent time with my daughters at home and I could feel I was addressing them differently. I was grounded, more confident, more clear, more fun. [Chuckles] That’s always important to the kids that I’d be more fun.

I just could see that I was being more of myself because of the process in the class and I could feel the alignment of who I am and so I have some kind of miraculous experience from the class. One of them was this intuitive head, or actually prompted by intuition in the class that I was going to work with men.  And I said, “No, no, no, no. I work with women. I’ve been working with women for years.” And they said, “Nope, you’re gonna be working with men and all of a sudden, there’s cry came from my gut and it came up up and  out of my eyes and it wasn’t a sad cry, it wasn’t an emotional cry. Actually, it was like an aha connection like “Oh my gosh, the flag gates have opened, I’m here to support and work with men.” And I’ve actually since the class, signed my first male client and I’m very excited about the transformation.

I am still in the incubation stages of the program name and my expert title but that’s coming. I feel that really coming so I’m just really excited that I decided to dive in and take this class and I have to say I’ve taken a lot of classes before and I was a little hesitant because [mmmm] I don’t really want to pull a lot of money in right now because I’ve already put a lot of money in yet I just kept feeling called to the class and I had to say yes and I’m so so glad that I did.

So if you’re sitting in your home and you’re wondering should I take it, should I not take it, what’s gonna do for me. I really, from heart, wanna share that it will,  this class EMERGE with Sabine will really bring you home, bring  you home to yourself, bring you home in ground you in your business in ways that you are waiting for and I know that you will love it and you’ll be so so so glad that you took this class and one of my friends says he thinks about in five years, this is gonna matter or not and if it’s not a big deal, don’t get excited or don’t get upset about it and when I think about in five years will this class matter? And I say absolutely. Because the way that I was able to understand myself and access more of who I am and bring that in my business will make a huge difference not just in my life but in the life of others and even in the planet in a whole because when we are who we are meant to be, are the source within us, we shine brighter, we live life bigger and we make a vibrational impact in the entire world.  I believe in butterfly effect at least. So I hope you decide to join this class and I look forward to hearing about your transformation and how you and your soul purpose comes more fully in to your business. And this is Heather Mckay Novak with resetyourmindset.net. Enjoy”


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®