“Come to EMERGE to find out what the business is that you’re really in. What your soul’s business is about so that you can get that more clear and what you’re offering to people and you can almost let go of what they’re expecting to receive”—Denise Dee

This is exactly why I designed EMERGE! Thank you so much Denise.

Sabine: “Hello and welcome my beautiful soul mates. This is Sabine Messner, the Wizard of Soul Purpose Branding and I am here today with my dear and beloved client Denise Dee. Denise is one of the first clients who went through The EMERGE Experience. It has been a couple months ago and she’s in a perfect place to tell you about how it was for her to actually go through the virtual retreat intensive, what happened ever since she had some huge business breakthroughs, and what has continued to happen since this is an ongoing EMERGE experience and process. So welcome to this call. Thank you so much for being here Denise.”

Denise: “You are welcome Sabine. I am delighted to be here with you to be talking about The EMERGE experience. I just counted off the months and we’re almost at 9 months and so this is a truly the birth of what started back in October.”

Sabine: “Wow so why don’t we start out by telling people about what it’s actually go through the retreat experience itself.”

Denise: “Alright. I met Sabine at Gifted and she was on stage giving a speech about no more cookie cutter branding and step to the edge and go over the edge and be authentically you and bring that out and I knew right then that I wanted to be part of that first EMERGE. We had  a group of 6 people I believe it was from around the world. It’s very intense. It was a concentrated experience where we did a lot of soul journeying to get our essence and go to our sanctuary and find out who we were. Some things EMERGE for me during that where I really had to stand my ground and hold to I was which I thought to be one of the most valuable parts of the weekend and of the process was to not let anybody even an expert to find me. Sabine really held her ground and standing strong allowing me to be that, to become the rebel that I am and that I wanted to be rather than trying to soften that up or put it to a different (…). I’m really grateful to that experience. We had people of different ages. They all saw different sides of me and different ways of me that I never would have been able to see by myself.  I appreciate Sabine putting together an environment where how many times you get reflections of yourself from 360%, from different facets. From young people, from old people, from people like you, from people nothing like you. It’s an amazing experience and what that whole shamanic part where I got feedback from areas I had never gone to to find out who I really was beyond my personality.”

Sabine: “Amazing. I have very vivid memories of the soul journey because even though I am facilitating for the entire group, in the sharing it feels like we’ve been in this journey together. I know that yours was very like full of animals, rich in initiations, quite a journey. So you emerged out of the retreat as The Rebel Seer and that was a very big departure because you’ve been doing Soulstrology for years prior to that. Tell us about that immediate shift right after EMERGE.”

Denise: “I feel it’s really important to state that yes I have been doing Soulstrology, that’s the name of the brand, but I have been doing Soulstrology in my own rebellious way never have been announcing that, it was on my webpage but it wasn’t on the title.

Where now I became Rebel Seer, people knew just from reading that it wasn’t going to be seeing the way that other people see or some sort of cookie cutter, having this trendsetter, this formula. Simply putting the word rebel into it saved me a lot of explaining.”

Sabine: “What happened in your business? You had like some major breakthroughs.”

Denise: “It took off. As soon as I put that name up there and this was just on a Facebook page. As soon as I made a Facebook page saying The Rebel Seer and started posting from that authentic voice of me as rebel, I instantly got— I’ve been waiting for somebody like you —because many people who are doing astrology or these sort of things were kind of this new age realm speaking so directly, so rebelliously. I got a lot of new clients that I hadn’t had before then. Shortly thereafter in December, I had my first $10,000 a month ever which is a massive big deal for me.”

Sabine: “Wow!”

Denise: “That was all done authentically. That was all done authentically. It wasn’t six step to this and enroll people in some super expensive thing for a long a period of time. It was done from that place of Rebel Seer laysering on what they needed to see oftentimes the things that other people would be telling you to get rid off or truly where your deepest gifts are and Rebel Seer allowed me to give those people permission to make money from the most authentic part of themselves. It spread out way beyond just me.”

Sabine: “I find this amazing and for everybody who is listening to this interview, this is part of this branding process where you strip all those unnecessary productized layers that we put in between our essence, who we truly are and our clients. Clients wanna be able to say to us and you made it very easy for them to say yes and that kind of put you within just a couple of weeks after EMERGE into having your first 5 figure month just by basically being you and being more of you without having the complication of like you said these bigger program investments. It was really very easy to take off from there and then you actually ended up shifting to the next bigger brand embodiment. Tell us about that Denise.”

Denise: “Probably I have been The Rebel Seer all my life but had The Rebel Seer as a brand name for about 7 months and I was on a walk and got that truly  the brand is The Rebel Manifestor. I just switched names and I know that going through that window of The Rebel Seer took me closer to owning the manifesting part of it because I really had to be outspoken about how some of those methods of manifesting don’t work for everybody, they don’t work for me. Everytime I got (…) I get new clients.”

Sabine: “It really is the body of work that is now emerging under the program name The Rebel Manifestor. That’s the process, that’s the body of work. You have that, you have The Rebel Manifestor The Seer is still in there as the reader, seer, visionary as one of your roles but truly has now expanded to ultimate brand embodiment and brand positioning. Your human design is also the manifestor right? So you really are now claiming something that goes beyond the reading, the hand analysis, and the seeing and the astrology to really actually teaching people how they can not only (…) but make anything happen, manifest wildly successful in a brand new way.

So how do you feel about all this journey that we’ve been on together in the EMERGE community. You’ve been very very active also in the EMERGE Facebook community. I really feel this has been a journey that we’ve been on together.  How do you feel about where you are today when you look forward into the future?”

Denise: “I feel fantastic as I felt fantastic from that moment at Gifted onwards. Of course giving kudos to Baeth as well who’s Gifted event it was where I met you through her. It has just changed my life to be in a community of people who celebrate not doing business as usual right? We’re pretending we are these solo entrepreneurs pretending doing things differently and most people are doing business exactly the same way as big business right? To be able to emerge into coz it always irked me, I don’t want to do business the way anybody is doing business to tell you the truth and that’s one of the beauties of The Rebel Manifestor is we will key on to that person’s unique way to do business.

Being in the EMERGE community, being in my EMERGE group anyhow that first EMERGE group where people who really want to manifest their way, to express ourselves 100% authentically and to not have those easy answers and be focused on results because sometimes you can’t get result until you know who you really are. You can see who you really are in that EMERGE process, no matter what happens or it doesn’t happen with your brand, you leave with a really crystal clear idea of who you really are at core and what you’re here to do. One of my favorite parts of EMERGE was finding out the statement, I forget the name you gave it Sabine but,  the thing that we may not say out loud to another person, what fills us up and if we’re not doing that thing, we’re not full. If we don’t have that, if we don’t know what that is, it’s like we have these three pieces of information but we’re missing the key one because I need to be doing that whether it gets anybody or not, it’s fulfilling my soul purpose to be helping people find that part of themselves.”

Sabine: “That is so true. This is true for me and true for most of my clients that if we are not in alignment with that inner essence, that wise one, then nothing really works and it’s also not primarily for us about making money. We know that the abundance and that the soul purpose wealth will come flooding in when that is brought into alignment which is totally been now for you even though it gotten deeper and deeper,  first through The Seer brand embodiment and now even like through this body of work that you are now ready to bring forth in the world. So in a nutshell Denise, for a person who has already been in business for a couple of years, many people already have been branded or at least believe they have been brand identity, what would you say?”

Denise: “I would say and this may not be a statement for everybody but I would say what business are you really in? Because I had a business for many years until coming to EMERGE but it was not doing what I really wanted to do. We all know people that are happy and making lots of money but what they’re doing isn’t really fulfilling their soul. So I would say to come to EMERGE to find out what the business is that you’re really in like what your soul’s business is about so that you can get that more clear and what you’re offering to people and you can almost let go of what they’re expecting to receive.”

Sabine: “Oh my God, this is exactly why I designed EMERGE. This is exactly why I designed EMERGE! And this is the outcome that it gives people who are ready for it, who are signing up at the right time and also who are doing the heavy work in the sense, the surrendering, the surrendering to not stressing about what will other people think, what my ideal clients like, just really allowing those shifts and embodiment to happen and I believe very very firmly and I see it all around me all the time that when we really co-create and really are giving ourself up of the greatest use, we are brought into that alignment that serves everyone best including ourselves.”

Denise: “I really found out Sabine since working with you and working in hand analysis as well that whole niche thing that so many business coaches are pushing on us right? There’s not enough people who is not a niche but for myself, mine may not be huge but it doesn’t make it any less valuable to serve the trendsetters, the people that are ahead of time, the trailblazer, they need us so they can reach to their bigger, the more wider society if you will.”

Sabine: “I agree Denise. It’s not for everybody that quantity tramps quality. Sometimes the people who are here to shift collectiveness consciousness, working with lesser individuals and going very very deep actually yields greater result than spreading yourself too far and too thin. So I hope you got ideas and inspiration out of this really courageous journey that Denise Dee went on and that I had the privilege to be accompanying her along the way. We, our relationship continues Denise, is continuously active in our EMERGE circle. We are now actually helping her on the brand embodiment,  on the website, for having fun with like photo shoot embodiment. The journey continues, it’s an exciting community. If you are looking at this website, take a look around and hopefully you are inspired to join us to EMERGE real soon. Thank you so much Denise.”

Denise: “You are welcome Sabine, thank you.”


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®