How my “dream” client is changing my life

As soon as I entered the expert community, I was frequently asked if I had worked with Tim Kelley or at least had read his book “True Purpose.” My answer was always no, which many found surprising. However, I wanted to give birth to my own proprietary signature process and while I was in the incubation phase I did not want to get influenced. I wanted to unearth my own original approach from within.

Finally I heard Tim Kelley speak on stage for the first time. Needless to say I was completely taken by his message of living a life on purpose. Being a soul purpose devotee myself, I walked up to Tim right after his speech and asked for permission to contact him in early 2012 about my Soul Purpose Branding work. He said “sure” and smiled.

I made a very powerful decision right then and there. I silently decided that I was going to re-brand Tim Kelley since I felt his brand wasn’t exactly “on purpose.” I released the creation and moved on with biz and life. 6 months later I was handed the opportunity to join Tim Kelley’s New Paradigm marketing team as this personal brander. I never reached out to him, the creation came to me. It literally fell into my lab at the perfect time.

A few days ago I received his video endorsement. I was speechless. I was floored. OMG. It actually happened! Frankly, I’m still adjusting to the magnitude of the gift and confirmation I’ve received from him. Needless to say working with Tim Kelley has changed my life forever.

As the father of the “Purpose Industry” and the embodiment of my ideal client, I couldn’t have dreamed this up. I dreamed up that I was going to work with him. That piece of creation was complete. However, what I didn’t dream about who the new person was going to be—me—who was to receive his gratitude, satisfaction and acknowledgement, and the cloud and reputation that comes from an endorsement like this. I didn’t dream about the outcome of my work in the world, only how to get there.

Here’s the lesson in this for all of us:

Dreaming big outside of ourselves is still thinking small. We need to first dream big about ourselves to receive our biggest dreams.

Oh, and just in case, here’s the transcript of Tim Kelley’s endorsement video:

“Hi there, it’s Tim Kelley, author of “True Purpose, 12 Strategies of discovering the difference you’re meant to make.” I want to talk to you about an interesting process I just completed that had a profound impact on me, which is the Soul Branding process of Sabine Messner. Now like many of you I find it difficult sometimes to use traditional marketing techniques because the work I do in the world is really rooted in my purpose and some of the ego-based marketing techniques that I’ve been taught or practitioners trying to use with me don’t really work. So I was very pleasantly surprised working with Sabine at the depth of transformative skill that she had. Going through the soul branding process not only gave me the information I needed to create a world class brand but it also had a profound transformational effect on me at the same time.

Just a little background on how I do traditionally to do marketing is I like to do marketing rooted in the work I do in the world that difference I make and ultimately rooted in my life’s purpose. This is confusing for some people but it was not at all confusing for Sabine who really knows exactly what to do with this. I found that I actually know much more about my purpose in life and about the difference I mean to make in the world as a result of doing this soul branding process with Sabine. It is not something I expected at all. This is an area which I feel very capable and competent and don’t normally seek help from others.  I was very pleasantly surprised to see how much amazing information I was able to get about in particular the message I meant to spread in the world and the ultimate difference I meant to make through what was originally meant to be a marketing process.

What I found working with myself with clients is a lot of the key information necessary to do really brilliant world class marketing is not consciously accessible to most people. The thing that really work for me about the soul branding process was that Sabine facilitated me in going to an altered state of consciousness in which all kinds of information was useful in marketing and for other things were very readily available. She did this in something called a Power Reinvention session which lasted a long time was hours long. It was absolutely and totally worth it. I felt completely conscious and in control the whole time and at the same time, in a very altered state of consciousness from which I could see and know things that I could not normally see and know. That has actually affects my writing and my speaking because I had a significant amount of information that I going to be able to use in my efforts to create a better world. I’m already starting to incorporate into writing that doing for high level leaders. As you can see the results from this process far exceeded what Sabine promised me and what I was expecting to receive from her.

So let me give you the strongest possible recommendation. By the way, I’m not being paid to give this endorsement or anything like that. I made no promise to Sabine to give any endorsement. I’m giving this endorsement because I’m so pleased with the work that she’s done with me and I feel very strongly that if you are a heart based entrepreneur, a change agent, someone who’s trying to make a real difference in the world, you will find it very difficult to find someone who could give a quality marketing work with you that Sabine can give especially if you’re a high level person looking to make a very big difference in the world. This means that your message, your brand, your essence, the different components that you are create,  your writing, your speaking, in your webpage, in your collateral needed to be rooted in the deepest knowledge of yourself and absolutely rooted  in your purpose and the difference you’re meant to make.

This is the water that Sabine swims in and she’s at least as comfortable in it as I am That’s saying a lot coming from me.  In particular, she was able to help me find out information about my essence that I have been unable to do on my own. This is something that I teach other people how to do. This is not an area where I feel particularly challenged in general. She created essence information for me. It was far more precise and accurate than anything that I’ve had in years. It may seem a little odd for you but let me explain the importance of this soul essence information is the look and feel of being state of your purpose and is directly applicable in marketing in creating the look and feel of your collateral and your website and that tone, if you will, on the marketing communications that you make. This is very important information and it’s actually very hard to get and very poorly understood and she knew exactly what to do and exactly how to go about getting it through the Power Reinvention session and through other means.

To sum up, I think you will learn a lot about yourself, a lot about your purpose and wind up with the world class branding materials if you use Sabine Messner get the information you need to create the various components of your brand. My heartiest recommendation to her and blessings too on your path. May you have a great impact living out your purpose.”


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®