“I can’t even imagine doing branding any other way. It is allowing you as my branding expert to see inside of who I am.”—Theresa Hubbard

Theresa Hubbard talks about her experience going through the PowerReinvention Private Platinum process with Sabine Messner.

Sabine: “Theresa, thank you so much for being here. I would love for you to share a little bit about your PowerReinvention experience.”

Theresa: “Thank you. I’m very glad to be here. Oh wow. My PowerReinvention has just been tremendous. When I was reflecting on the process, I believe one of the most significant part for me was that opening and allowing this grief that I’ve been holding in and really allowing that to come out and open up and just flow. And with that release of that grief that was in there, so much more clarity I have gotten in regards the things that have held me back from really focusing on what I knew my soul purpose was. The distractions, the ideas, a lot of misplaced energy, things just became a lot more focused as that grief has been relieving and creating more space.

The space that has been created with the release of that grief has allowed not just a clarity in regards to my soul purpose but also clarity in regards to things that I have been working on in my personal life, time with my husband, time with my children, and even in a much more intentional way than I was already being present with them. Also an increased experience of wanting to be playful and having that joy which is something I spoke a lot  about in words but I’m experiencing it very differently in my body. Really, it’s just a lot of different areas I mean in regards to the work that I do with clients. I’m even hearing them in a different way. I’ve spent a lot of time doing working in myself, doing my own work so I can be present with my clients. But this [The PowerReinvention Private Platinum Program] has shifted things and there’s even a greater understanding in regards to the connection piece that I work with so much in regards to my clients. It has really increased, changed, shifted, focused in a lot of areas in my life—in all areas of my life.”

Sabine: “Powerful! Talk a little bit the relationship to yourself. I think this is one of the things that we talked about prior to the PowerReinvention journey that in the human condition, it’s such a challenge. When we think who we really are, we most certainly really have no clue. It’s about witnessing yourself as soul essence, tune into that a little bit. Are you viewing yourself differently now when you look in the mirror? Is there shift in perspective of yourself, in the love that you can hold for yourself?”

Theresa:  “Sure I appreciate the question. Looking at ourselves, our whole selves with all our layers, it’s a really brave thing to do. It’s a journey that a lot of people don’t really want to even begin. Most of us have this experience of having a lot of negative pieces to us. We’ve lived with ourselves for so long that we are just who we are, and it’s hard to see that part of ourselves that has gone dormant because of our life and our relationships. The PowerReinvention soul journey session for me was kind of highlighting those areas that have gotten smaller, or quiet, or dormant , just over my life experience. Speaking to you the very first time, I remember having this experience of like my soul being touched. Oh, here and here and here! There was just this pieces that was like ‘Oh, I’ve been asleep and I wanna wake up.’ What I feel like has happened is that there’s just so much more of me that was awake. I normally practice mindfulness and meditation. I go to a lot of retreats to work on myself, and it was just exciting to know that this process in itself, even just that one main day where we did the journey, that there was so much that is being touched and connected and expanded and clarified. One of the things that I really appreciated was my awareness of self and my experience. I get to test that a lot in my life but that day long journey was like fine tuning that awareness because it was just experience after experience after experience, having this awareness and that awareness. The guidance that you give was just bringing so many things into such sharper focus. Just really allowing those parts of me that were there, the negative and the positive pieces to come into really great focus so that I could make very intentional purposeful choices in these areas of my life.”

Sabine: “Beautiful. So glad this came through. Thank you Theresa. Wow! You’ve always already had a very clear sense of your soul purpose, right? And yet we were able especially in writing the soul purpose statement, if you could touch on that. What has heightened for you in terms of your soul purpose understanding?”

 Theresa: “Wow. For me that experience of connection has always been there. But what I appreciated so much about the work that we’ve done was that you were able to hear what I feel like is underneath what I was experiencing. That was difficult for me to put into concise words and when I open my eyes and when I‘m finished speaking to you and you have created this statement that it’s like ‘That’s exactly what I mean, that’s exactly what I’m experiencing, that’s exactly what my purpose is.’ It was just so touching. It was very moving, It was very emotional for me. To have and to feel you’re connected with my intention, my purpose and were able to help me craft something so descriptive, so accurate and so reflective of my soul’s purpose. “

Sabine: “In closing, can you from the perspective of where you are today understand why we would wanna do the PowerReinvention journey before we start the branding?”

Theresa: “Yes. For me, I can’t even imagine doing branding any other way. I’ve done branding in regards to the retreat center. But I’ve never done branding like this. This is so individualized. It is allowing you as my branding expert to see inside of who I am. And I cannot even imaging doing branding, going forward, without the person in front of me understanding who I am and really the message that I’m trying to convey. I looked at the work that I’ve done and while it is beautiful and exquisite, it was so so difficult to convey my meaning. Having someone who now has this experience with me, helping me create my message, my brand, my name, all of it, it is powerful! The strength and the confidence that comes with that experience of being known and being understood is just incredibly powerful.”

Sabine: “Thank you. I can’t thank you enough. You’ve said extraordinary things. Thank you.”


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®