“The truest representation of myself.”—Nicole Mangina

Nicole, Your Success Perspective Mentor, is so fascinating! I love every session of the Soul Purpose Branding with her.

Nicole: “Hi I’m Nicole Mangina with The Success Perspective, your Success Perspective mentor. I’m here to share with you today my experience working with Sabine Messner and her PowerReinvention Soul Purpose Branding.

The business that I had just didn’t fit my anymore. I had evolved; I had grown out of it, and needed to figure out how to rebrand myself and my business. I had seen some of Sabine’ work and the thing that drew me to her the most, really two things: One, seeing her work and realizing that its different! I’ve seen so many people that came highly recommended but really at the end of the day all of their stuff looked the same. It was just one template; maybe a couple of different colors, and that was it. None of it felt unique or different and personal to me, and I met Sabine personally and I just really connected with her. I knew that she got me on a deeper level than I’m-gonna-find-some-clip-art-that-works-in-your-banner kind of thing.

So we started working together and it’s such a fascinating process! It’s different than anybody else I’ve ever worked with! We did this PowerReinvention session which was a couple hours, it was like 2 or 3 hours that we went through and really got in touch with who I am, what I’m all about on a really deep level, and what’s my mission, what it is that I want to.. what’s my legacy for the world and how do I want to give that to everybody. And so it was really helpful to get that foundation established of you know what is it I’m here to offer and for my branding person to be part of that as well because then I knew we were working of the same platform and could really build something that would work for me. It was just such an amazing and connected and eye-opening experience to then going through to develop this Success Perspective Brand from coming up with a name that we knew would really embody what it was I was all about, and then also coming up with the visual aspects of what it included and what does it look like. When somebody pulls up my website TheSuccessPerspective.com,do you really feel like you’re in the right place? Does it portray visually the message that I’m trying to give and send out to the world.

Sabine is the only person I’ve ever worked with who actually helped me do that and not only that but her work ethic is bar none. The things that she thinks about, and the aspects and how they all fit together—A something I never could have never figured out on my own but something I SO appreciated because I knew in her core she wanted not to just finish the job.She wanted to have me something that would be the truest representation of myself. Everything from looking at fonts, what font for “Success” and what font for “Perspective,” you know when the “Perspective” is written in this font, how do you feel about that and to realize all of these things I had never thought about before. And the intention behind, we’re doing this, we’re using this picture or these colors that falls in a bigger and even into the detail of how the site got set-up and the copy was done. I can’t even tell you the hours she poured into it just to make sure that it was right, not just done but right. Even quite honestly to the point where I thought ‘I’m sure this is fine’, she was like, no, I know there is more that needs to be done to make sure this site really does what it needs to do.  She went the extra mile and never gave up on me!

It was such a great experience! I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you’re struggling with your business and feel like its not giving out the message you want Sabine is bar none the person you need to be working with.”

—Nicole Mangina
Seattle, Washington State


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®