“It’s all inspiring and motivating for me to really say okay, let’s bring this forth to the world now. It’s time.”—Michele Jarvis

It was indeed amazing to witness you Michele. Amazing! Thank you.

Sabine: “I would just love for you to share in your own words a little bit about the how PowerReinvention journey for you in itself but primarily also what changes and shifts and healings have occurred ever since. “

Michele:  “The journey itself was amazing from many different viewpoints, from many standpoints. But to be witnessed so purely by you and to have someone else, another beautiful soul to acknowledge what was going on inside of me and things that I have felt before but didn’t have validated yet . How you self doubt for yourself when you don’t doubt for others. When you’re reading for others, like yeah I get it but when you’re reading yourself, it’s like is it my ego or is it the truth. Is this my highest self coming through?  So to have that witness was amazing blessing for me and I so very much appreciate that. Thank you very much Sabine for that. Now the different phases and how uniquely unfolded during the journey was fantastic. It was fun! It was unfolding for me.

So far the changes for me since that time of PowerReinvention journey, from about 48 hours after that, I’ve been getting downloads everyday and so I’ve been writing new aspects of things where I’ve been getting downloaded information, how to incorporate more of me into what I wanna offer to the world. Incorporating my love of creativity and music, and color and sound and with the energy in making it into a more complete package versus ‘Oh this part only this part of my life.’ And you feel like, because I have businesses before where I only brought part of me to the table because I thought that’s what you had to do. You couldn’t bring the fullness of all the joys and the pleasures one has.

I’m starting to see that and starting to download for me. It’s starting to see different ways to bring all these other things and other aspects of me together to honor these bits and pieces. I feel more confident. I feel more focused. The creativity is jacking up big time which I love because that had over the past couple of months it kind of been squashed. I knew it wasn’t shut off but I knew it wasn’t something like a stasis, something else has to unfold and it was like releasing. I feel there was a part of me that , like this hatch (…) hatch.

I can feel that within me.  There’s more of this internal, not just confidence but it’s a confidence that has a joy and bliss to it at the same time, it’s of a higher vibration, and it’s that knowingness because I was witnessed.  That was so powerful for me to have that and I believe the witnessing is the very very key part for people to really embrace their soul, to embrace their soul essence and their soul purpose. To have someone else also hold that space with them and not to have to do it alone.

I believe that’s the age that we’re going towards which is collaboration, it’s not going it alone anymore and that’s really instilled with me through the different phases of the journey. (To see how many…) I knew I always had support. Angelic support, other worldly support, all different kinds of supports but what  I witnessed so far is the level of support through the journey and how much of it is their supporting me was humbling from a human perspective of things and  at the same time it’s all inspiring and motivating for me to really ‘Okay. Let’s bring this forth to the world now. It’s time.”

Sabine: “Amazing! Thank you.”

Michele: “You’re very welcome.”

Sabine: “Thank you.“


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®