“I now have this brand that I can live my life by and that’s something I would forever be grateful for.”—Melissa Risdon

Listen to this powerful and amazing words from Melissa Risdon about her PowerReinvention. Fantastic Melissa! Thank you.

Sabine: “So I would love to just hear from you in your own words about the PowerReinvention journey. The journey itself, and then even more importantly all the shifts and healings, the changes in your life and relationships that have happened ever since as a result.”

Melissa: “Well, I absolutely love the experience. I thought it’s something that is very different that I’d ever gone through and took me to a place where I was very conscious and very aware but it was also very kind of a deep place in my soul where it was a place Sabine can help guide me through and bring forward amazing information around my soul purpose. It helped me see myself in a different light. It helped me see myself in a different way and I was blown away by the messages that my soul allies communicated to me. It was things that surprised me. It was things that engaged me. It was things that at this point, it’s been 2 to 3 months since we’ve done it, have completely changed my life. I received a message that was told I’d be moving from San Diego and here it is, I think possibly maybe 3 months tops later, I’m in the midst of doing that.I’ve rented my place when I’m moving down to San Diego which is something I never ever thought would happen.

One of the things that surprise me was I have always my entire life have a love for animals. And was really able to discover through this process that animals really do speak to me. I had a beautiful buck speak to me in soul purpose and I was amazed at the very very last day in my home when I was moving to San Diego, a buck walked down my street and was literally about 10 feet away from me. I’ve lived there for 12 years, I’ve never seen a buck on my street and it was absolutely amazing to say like to go through this process on your computer interacting with somebody and these messages come flying through and you see things that you never expected to be seen and there in your reality, in your real life, a message saying yes you’re on the right path, yes you’re making the right decisions and yes you’re choosing the right things and yes it was such a beautiful message. It just brought tears to my eyes to think I’m listening, I’m acting, I’m trusting, I’m moving forward and it all came from this place of being open and hearing what messages come to me and come through me. It was really amazing experience.

A beautiful message that came out of my soul purpose journey was the wording Permission to Receive and it’s one of those things that when you hear these messages, when you hear these words, you get chills when you hear them. Just to feel them, it’s such a deep level and I look back on my life and a huge process of what I’ve gone through, you know my soul’s purpose in this lifetime has been receiving messages from source. Receiving downloads. It’s been receiving my confidence and growing. It was crazy when you kinda look back and be like this message even though I don’t have a word for it.

This message is something I have been experiencing and living throughout my life in the past and then here it is going through such amazing experience where there is such a healing, a feeling of shedding my old ways, a feeling of unlocking the things that were holding me back. So much of it lies in the Permission to Receive, what my soul purpose is, what that message is, what is the magnitude of that message. And giving myself permission to receive all that’s entitled with it so I can see myself starting to move forward in a completely different direction. I would say going through that experience, being able to listen to source and receive messages has come through so much more richly and intensely and my intuition is much more in enlightened.

Another thing that I love that Sabine pointed to me was that there was a vision of me on rocks overlooking the ocean. I was almost kind of in a perched motion of leaning forward and about to kinda take off and about to move forward. Sabine pointed out and she said, “Do you know notice that this feeling that you’re experiencing in the soul purpose sanctuary is something that is very unfamiliar to you?” I had to pause and look at here’s me on this cliff just about ready to pounce and move forward and really lead and beyond my own. It’s not something I have given myself permission to do, to lead other women and to be a champion to feminine leaders. These words that came out through this process and it is something that has given me confidence and it has also given me a focused direction to move forward in my business and to really allow myself to be that leader that I see in my soul purpose and step into that role.

I have found out from the last 30 days of saying yes to things that I never would have thought of 3 months ago. Saying yes to helping so many run a workshop and run a seminar and saying yes to being in somebody’s book. It’s just amazing to me the amount of direction and focus and confidence it gave me to move forward in my business in a much bigger way and really step into the purpose that was shared with me and shown with me through that journey.”

Sabine: “Fantastic! Perhaps in closing, you are now branded having had the PowerReinvention session and even if you redo the logo, I mean the brand has been born out of you realizing your greatness along this journey way. Can you even imagine or fathom how a brand would have to be if not from this place? Can you speak about that a little bit?”

Melissa: “I have done other related purpose work and I found messages that were all about feelings. Messages and downloads that came through about I was supposed to heal the hurt of women of the world. I’m supposed to be someone who’s a truth teller. So there were all things that were very internal, that were emotional, that were feelings. and the difference that I’ve found with Sabine’s process is that it really gave me something much more concrete, it gave me something that I could take a stake and put it on the ground and say ‘This is what I stand for. This is who I am.’ It took all of these feelings and emotions about what my purpose is and it wrapped it up into a brand that I can stand for, that I can stand with and it’s something that is so much bigger than myself.

It amazes me to think where would I be if I haven’t gone through this process? Where would I be if I haven’t gone through this type of soul purpose journey and branding and really find what is my soul purpose in this lifetime. And now I can say that in a short period of time of amazing working with you, I have this brand that I can live my life by and that’s something I would forever be grateful for. Yeah.

For years, I was searching for my purpose, who am I. What am I supposed to be doing with my life and there’s a lot of stuff of knowing and you just helped me put it in a package where it moves it from the knowing and the feeling into the doing. It takes that this is bigger than me and I can’t not move forward it. This is something I can’t go put in the drawer and ignore. This is something I have to take forward out into the world.”

Sabine: “Wow! I’m glad that came still through. Man, you have given us the gems today. Thank you so much and of course not what you have given me in this interview but also I’m just so touched that I could touch you and be the witness to you that you can go out leapley millions of people, globally, this is what we’ve been seeing.”

Melissa: “Yeah and I think that that is definitely something that you held the space for me to be able to see that in myself coz it’s something you kinda know but you’re afraid to admit. And you really just open up that space and that loving ability to say that ‘Yeah, this is what’s possible for you.’”

Sabine: “And look you’re already a whole different person.”

Melissa: “I did wear my hair different.”

Sabine: “I mean the confidence, the radiance that you exude, you are really only a very short gap away from it.”

Melissa: “Yeah and for me, more than anything, I shared with you the big steps I have taken in my life. Big times where I invested in myself whether it’s time or money. Those big steps have all come from intuitive hit of I need this and I knew with you, it was I could no longer skip over. I need this process with you. I think I have known for years that I need it but it came up just like now is the time to work with Sabine and I need to move forward with this because there’s messages that you need to hear that I wasn’t hearing until we open up that soul sanctuary, we open up that Sacred space that I could hear these beautiful messages. I’m supposed to move to San Diego and now I am. Animals do communicate to me and I hear and feel them differently than I did before when we started doing this. It’s things that are so simple. It’s that that have been there in my entire life but it really brought stuff into the surface where I could be conscious of it, where I could see it, where I could experience it. And now will live my life from the place and live my life in a much more purposeful space.”


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
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