“I got to the heart of how I wanted to serve.”—Maribel Jimenez

I was very inspired with my special dream client Maribel Jimenez, Your Dream Launch Mentor. Her experience of going through the Soul Purpose Branding process is so great and made a big difference it’s already made in her business!

Sabine: “Hello and welcome! My name is Sabine Messner and this is a very special time with maribel Jimenez, Your Dream Launch Mentor and my wonderful dream client. Why don’t we go straight ahead and take a look at like where were you in your life and business when we started out working together?”

Maribel“Yes, absolutely I ‘d love to share. Many months ago before we started working together, I felt a lot of confusion. I feel a bit of scattered just because as an entrepreneur, I had many ideas. I wanted to serve in many ways and so what I had done is I created several brands. Just in that desire to serve very uniquely but what I knew was that it wasn’t serving me to have these three brands. Not only was I working really hard to keep them moving but I was also working double hard because people didn’t know how to refer me. It wasn’t quite clear how exactly I served and what I was doing with people. Even though they were having successes, of course it wasn’t even clear for me because I have these different communities. I communicated my message differently to each community.

I’ll share just a couple of big Ahas! that happened for me because part of the branding of course as I have mentioned, there’s credibility that happens. It’s like when you go out as your best self to people, you elevate yourself in a way. That’s what happens online when your brand is at its best. You are being elevated, there’s credibility that’s happening, there’s a connection happening and people feel like that they know, or like or trust you based on what they see, right? There’s a big credibility piece. When you do that and you know that you’re being represented in your best way, you now own that and feel that. It’s like you own your power. You have clarity of this issue of I’m here to serve. It’s like putting the stake on the ground that happened.

All these happen throughout and I didn’t have that clear of concept around branding before that. I just wanted to like give me my brand and let me run with it but yet when you took me  through a process that had me very grounded in honoring of what I was here to do, it’s like now my website is like living me online. It’s very very powerful. As you said, a lot of things already happened because I was creating that new connection of stepping into who I was that allowed for people to come from a new place that people wanted some of that. You know, does that make sense? People were like, I have to work with you because I want that.”

Sabine: “Exactly. There’s no one else. There’s no one else like you.”

Maribel: “It’s like people are saying ” It’s like your fingerprint. It’s not like a cookie cutter, put it together, slap it together kind of thing. There are a lot of things that happen when you really take the time and honor the process to really have a soul purpose brand.”

Sabine: “Maybe you can speak a little about this particular you know this brand name that we came up out of this because I think it is in itself such a valuable position for yourself. I think that forty years from now, people don’t necessarily think about that long of a time span event but my intention really is to position a person an expert for life in their soul’s purpose. So just in closing, maybe a couple of words about the brand name and why it’s so much grander if we would have just rushed ahead and produced a pretty logo.”

Maribel: “The brand name that we came up together really did get to the heart of how I wanted to serve. How I was serving people with some different ways around launching which I didn’t know how to bridge that together. What was whopping behind that was for me, it was not only important that you launch but that you launch the dream. What was really in your heart and how did you want to incorporate this launch that really had your essence in it, that had what your vision was, what was your dream of creating. Because I have done that in my own business that this was my dream business online. I wanted to kind of bridge the piece around serving entrepreneurs and really doing fulfilling their dream and secondly, how do you do that in your business but by incorporating your dream into the launches and getting launches just getting out there in a big way, right?. It’s connecting to everybody who needs you in a short period of time. It’s getting out there.

So that was the two things I was bringing together was, the DREAM and LAUNCHING it. In that, creating lots of prosperity, lots of fun, and all of my own values being bridged together which also comes through in the way that it was presented physically. The brand itself. The look and feel was important as well because that’s who my essence was. So it all got brought together.”

Sabine: “Beautiful.”

Maribel: “In a very beautiful way that it is my finger print now and it’s very clear. Whether you’re in alignment with that or not. So you know Sabine, I wanna take a moment to thank you and recommend you to those who are listening to this case study. Because the truth is what I found is that there are two things that I look for when I decide to invest. Investing itself is a big part of what expanded me. Being able to send out there what I’m wanting to receive and the investment, just really picking the topnotch people in my life to help me elevate my own business. So, there’s two things that I really look for and I found that in you and I wanna share that to other people.

Number 1 is that I look for someone who is many steps ahead of me. That I could really see the quality of their work. That they are who they say and you had beautiful work as I mentioned early in the call. Just knowing that you really were you said you were. You walk your talk because you have all this to show for it because you have created really amazing beautiful brands.

And then the second connection was to get on the phone and really understand if we connected and I really follow my intuition which of course had me so aligned with your message of soul purpose because I wanted to get to the core of who I was here to be. So I was ready and willing to go deep. You started to that with me on the call already so I felt great alignment with your process and that it was perfect for me because I was interested in something that was lasting and not just simple and get it done quickly.  I was really interested in something was gonna last and that was gonna incorporate my true being.  You were able to do that. You really have that connection and intuitively that you feel right away and I say, when you feel that, you should take inspired action and move forward. That’s what we did together.”

Sabine: “Yes.”

Maribel: “Beautiful things happened from that place. I highly recommend your work to anyone that is looking for that.”

Sabine: “You are an inspiration to me Maribel. So, may your dream unfold magnificently and may you touch countless lives and help them really launch their dream and take off. You are such a wonderful role model. Thank you so much.”

Maribel: “Thank you Sabine.”


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®