“It’s been a priceless experience. My whole life is in front of me.”—Dr. Juliana Nahas

When I set out to be in business with my soul purpose, I knew my work was going to change lives. However, people’s lives aren’t changed easily, not ordinarily at least. Yet they can change in the blink of an eye when you anchor your work in the sacred. I was brought to tears when my platinum client and pediatrician Juliana Nahas shared with me the amazing shifts she experienced in her life and business as a result of “getting branded.” Take a look at what’s possible when we truly align our life with our soul.

Sabine: “We wanted to share with others the incredible shifts and the magical journey that you and I had the great fortune to go on together. So where were you at in your life and business prior to working with me?”

Juliana: “Before starting to work with you, I felt like I was spinning in circles. I was searching for something more meaningful for my life, and yet hitting walls in every direction I went. It felt like my relationships were not the ones I wanted. My work wasn’t fulfilling anymore. Even my relationship with my kids was going stale, and I felt I needed to do something to make it more fun and better for them and for me.

So when I bumped into you :-), I just knew in my heart that I have to work with you. I don’t know what she does, I don’t know what this is about, I just know I have to do this.”

Sabine: “Yes! You said let’s do this, and we went right ahead and scheduled the PowerReinvention journey, which was this all-day long soul journey. Tell us what happened ever since then. There were lots of different shifts that happened in your life.”

Juliana: “A lot of shifts! First of all, that experience in itself was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Just in itself it was very magical. I could feel information coming through that I’ve never tapped in before, or if I did it was very discombobulated and not cohesive like we had at the end of the day. So just in itself that experience was very soul affirming for me.

And the shifts that have happened since were almost effortless. (…) I’ve hired new personnel at the office, and they’ve been awesome to work with. It all worked out magically for everyone. Just the whole energy of the office has been more joyful, more easy, more peaceful and cohesive.”

Sabine: “And more on purpose, right? Because you brought your soul’s information right back into your practice.”

Juliana: “Yeah. It just feels more harmonious. I actually look forward to going and tackling the next project we have to deal with.”

Sabine: “Wow! Fantastic!”

Juliana: “As for my relationships, that’s still a journey but there are things happening now that are signals from the universe that I am on the right track. With my children we’re closer than ever and are just having a lot of fun.”

Sabine: “As all of these shifts were happening we were integrating this new information—soul essence information and soul purpose information—that has affected your entire life and everyone in it, and has shifted everything in your entire environment to really be more in service to your soul and your sacred purpose. We’ve also been translating this information into your new business venture, the one that you’re gearing up for to really bring your gifts out. Tell us about this other shift that happened afterwards.”

Juliana: “I feel like I am embodying a new identity which brings out my true core message. I know I’m at the beginning of that journey but I know the track I want to go on and the path I want to follow. With my new brand identity Your Soul Doctor™ I am actually starting to attract clients that need my services. I’m not necessarily selling but they are coming to me saying, help me with this, help me with that—which leads to the coaching which is the path I want to follow. It’s been amazing how these synchronicities are popping up!”

Sabine: “So you don’t even have necessarily things in place. There is no website yet and already people can hear the energy of your invitation through the brand name and how you present yourself because you’ve stepped into this new identity.”

Juliana: “Exactly! It’s like I’m calling them to me now.”

Sabine: How do you feel about that?”

Juliana: “It’s so amazing! I’ve never felt this rewarded when I’ve treated my patients. It has taken me to a whole new level that I haven’t experienced consistently before. That’s the magic about it because it’s consistent. Everyday I’m encountering patients that are going to fit into my new role model.”

Sabine: “When I look at you how you’re glowing and how energized you are—and also the peacefulness—I know that you are embarking on a new adventure. You have a lot of technology questions but what’s so beautiful about this is, that you get carried forward in this rightful, purposeful direction without getting lost in the myriads of technological confusions.”

Juliana: “It’s not stopping me. Even if I don’t know how to put up a website or do my online stuff, I’m at peace with it. I know it will fall into place. I feel supported by the universe, and like you said, I am aligned now and things are coming to me much more easily.”

Sabine: “Wonderful! That was the goal. That was what we were setting out to do and we’ve achieved it. When you think about recommending this work to other people, what would you say to them?”

Juliana: “Run don’t walk! 🙂 This has been SO valuable to me. It’s priceless. Just the hope and the vision that it has opened up for me is priceless. How can you put a price tag on that? My whole life is in front of me.”

Sabine: “Wow! Thank you Juliana! It’s been such a privilege to work with you, and to support you on this journey. I have a tear coming.”

Juliana: And I will continue to work with you because it has been SO amazing. Thank you Sabine. It’s an honor.”

Sabine: “Thank you Juliana.”


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®