“It’s been breakthrough after breakthrough.”—Dr. Juliana Nahas

It has been a beautiful Soul Purpose Branding journey with my client Dr. Juliana Nahas. Such a beautiful soul she is! Thank you Juliana.

Juliana: “To me the journey was very mystical, very magical, all in its own. It was nothing like I have ever experienced like before. It was brand new and just took me on a journey inward really and allowed my soul to speak to me. I have heard snippets, little nuggets of you need to do this, or this is what you’re interested in but I never could see the whole picture of how big it is or maybe I didn’t wanna believe how big my vision was.

With this journey, you guided me through from A to Z, from start to finish, what I’m all about. Interestingly now that we have some time since that journey, I’m seeing how that was also a message also for me. That I needed to go within my own healing sanctuary and take myself through that journey before I take other clients with me.

It’s been an eye opening experience. People in my life have shifted. I have half of my employees changed over to bring in more aligned people to my vision. It’s been reassuring to me that I’m on the right path. I have attracted webmasters and people who really see where I wanna go with this. I am happy to say that I’m launching. It’s taking little longer than I wanted but it’s okay as you said, it’s a journey.”

Sabine: “And the PowerReinvention as an experience itself.When you think about the relationship changes, talk about the biggest change in terms of how you are viewing yourself perhaps and the greatness of your soul purpose. Talk a little more about that because I know you’ve had that such a deep yearning, your life is already an expression of you having been in the soul journey.”

Juliana: “Yes it is. It’s just not fully, it wasn’t fully represented or representative of who I am at the core level. So now even though I haven’t changed my career, I haven’t changed anything. I bring my full soul essence, if you will, in to my work.So when I look at people, I’m present for them. I see them eye to eye, heart to heart, soul to soul. It just brings a little something, a little magic into the picture that allows me to tap into something that they are afraid to maybe say and I can deal with it and go deeper. It’s been a sort of dynamic and magnetic change or shift. It’s not visible necessarily but it’s palpable. You see the change.Yeah.”

Sabine: “Would you say it’s almost like a volume got turned up or something like that and you can’t, I mean I don’t want to put words into your mouth but it sounds (…)”

Juliana: “Yeah. It’s definitely the volume. The volume of who I am on the inside has been turned up and I can’t shut it off. It’s loud and clear and I can’t hide from it. Maybe before I was hiding and I was afraid to step on that path. It’s like I would dabble in it or maybe I would look for myself but I was just afraid to bring it out to the people I’m serving. Now, I’m a lot more vocal about it.”

Sabine: “That’s great! I’m so glad. That’s something we would definitely cut and use. That was awesome. It’s very loud, I can’t turn it off anymore. That’s perfect! That’s a type of a sound byte.”

Juliana: “I started the healing circle and that allowed me to really dive in head on with the material I wanna teach and it’s been breakthrough after breakthrough. I’m so excited that when I do it fully and formally, it’s really manifesting when I work.”

Sabine: “Fantastic! Now that you’ve had the PowerReinvention journey and know that you are getting branded you from that place of who you really are and not just small sliver of it, what would you say about the Soul Doctor brand or the unfolding of this. So if you could touch on that from the perspective of the PowerReinvention experience, the foundation of that.”

Juliana: “The brand that came out was Soul Doctor and I didn’t really expect that. Going into the journey, woof there it is, like a genie out of the bottle. I’ve run it by my friends, I’ve run it by my clients that I trust and they all said ‘Yes right on this is who you are. This is what you bring to the table.’ So I’ve had validation from people that I trust and not just my own trust into the brand. So it’s been interesting to adapt into myself and I see myself really stepping more into that role and embodying it more.”

Sabine: “Would you if I have would come out with the Soul Doctor brand without the PowerReinvention experience, would you be able to take it on?”

Juliana: “I could have not adapted that brand as my own if I had not gone through the PowerReinvention journey because that whole journey showed me step by step how I am that personality if you will or how that brand speaks directly from my heart to the people I am serving and not just something like you slap on a website. I mean it really is a representative, true core of essence. It brings elements of that attraction and the dynamic, the offer I am bringing and also the attraction of my clients do.  It’s a whole package.”

Sabine: “Fantastic. I don’t know what else we could add to that. You knocked it out at the ballpark for us. Juliana you did really spectacular.”


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®