“Your Soul Purpose Branding process brings us first and foremost into the essence of our soul.”—Jeffrey Van Dyk

I love and respect Jeffrey immensely. He is a spiritual leader at the leading edge of the transformational industry. He is also my mentor, client and my friend. Not only has Jeffrey shaped already the future of marketing, he will once again shape the future of entrepreneurial leadership with his powerful soul positioning.

Jeffrey:The first thing I would say, I believe that all marketing is vibration. It is vibrational in nature. We send frequencies out through our brands, through our messaging into the world and those people with receptors for that frequency hear it and align with us and that’s actually the holy nature of client and service provider coming together. So if that’s true, then the question is how do we come up with a brand placed on the web that is most vibrationally congruent with who we are so that when we send our message out, send out branding out, the people who are waiting to receive who we are know it and see it. That something rings true in them such that they respond with ease. I don’t know many people in the world that do branding from that perspective. Not really even understand that to begin with. Let alone, having a broad enough tool set to be able to access what that information really is.

My experience with you so far Sabine is that your Soul Purpose Branding process brings us in first and first most into the essence of our soul and minds out the minerals, the juiciness, the frequency of that information. So that we can then sort side a or step 1 and step 2. Then moving into the strategic aspect of really answering the hard core business questions of what matters in this world, what do people respond to. There are a lot of brands up there, they’re like very woowoo airy fairy and it might be really true about them but I believe we must speak to those who we’re here to serve and their language not just in ours. It is an act of service to do so.

So, the second step of really translating that soul information into the congruent language here on earth and that involves business reality that people can hear, understand, go “Oh yeah that’s what I’ve been looking for!”, and respond to and really engage in your brand so that you can both lead a movement and build a successful business. That’s where I really see those two things coming together.

What I love about you and your process and your work is that I feel like you have both sides of those. You definitely have this side a or step 1 of going into the richness of someone’s soul and to really understand that, you have got to have the love and empathy with someone’s soul. It’s so palpable, it’s really beautiful. And, you also have the strategic business experience to understand effective branding in the world and how to position on the web and that is equally necessary. So as I was working with you, the thing I’m appreciating is the coming together of these two seemingly disparate worlds into one congruent brand that can stick with me throughout my life time and serve my soul’s purpose in the highest order possible.

What we are attempting to do at this point in history is actually bring purpose and business together.”

Sabine: “Yes.”

Jeffrey: “Not like purposeful business but really one fabric where purpose and business are woving intricately into one thing. This is the first time in history we are doing that unmasked. This is the first time in history we have enough resources and technology such that work is no longer utilitarian but that work for the most part, we don’t need it just to feed ourselves. For the most part, that’s kinda handle for the large part of the industrialized world and of course these questions we have to ask as industrialized world about why isn’t it bringing for everyone in the planet.

And as that becomes the norm where and we no longer have to work just work for work sake, then the question becomes ubiquitous “What is work for?” and there’s “What is my life for?” And if we do this as an entrepreneur, we ask “What is my business for?” “What is the higher calling of my business in this world?” That becomes the question that must be answered not just to have a successful business but to actually be a thought leader in this world. To lead this movement into a purposeful planet and you are a big part of that. You know that.”

Sabine: “I know that. Yes and I prepared myself for life times.”

Jeffrey: “Exactly!”

Sabine: “Not just for this one. Lifetimes. Lifetimes.”


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®