“Here’s what I want your tribe to know: working with you saved my life.”—Clifford Todd

Hearing Clifford’s words, I’m deeply touched with the work we did together. Thank you Clifford Todd. 

Sabine: “We’ere doing something so sophisticated here. I’m excited if it all comes together. So Clifford, thank you first of all for making yourself available again and we’re here to today to learn more about your PowerReinvention experience, the journey itself, the revelations from the journey. And then also all the shifts and changes and healings that have happened since for you.“

Clifford: “Ok. So you want me to just start?”

Sabine: “Go for it.”

Clifford: “Well, here’s what I want your tribe to know: working with you saved my life. I still get emotional over it. But I met you the first week I moved from (…) and on my way to start to go back to work in my passion for wellness. And I met you and I thought, “Wow! How cool will this be? To actually be soul purpose branded.” And the more I got into it, the more I took on that wonderful behavior and the second time we went up to my soul sanctuary, my heart was in agony. I was in severe angina. I’m an expert in wellness. I knew that I was close to a heart attack.

What happened was we got into the messages from my soul allies and I remember the Norseman, the counseled Leif Ericson, about going across the ocean. He said, “Keep going. You won’t run out of resources.” And my grandfather who gave me a delight for horses, “Its okay Clifford. The ground will always catch you.” And I knew if I got into, if I stumble and fell, I could get up and back on the horse. Then there was the Indian chief that came in, when I was little I would ride bare back just like a little Indian boy but the Indian chief said to me, “Give the horse the rain. If you’re coming up to jump a log that’s in front of you, let the horse do it. You can’t control the horse that much. Then the crusader knight he said, “Keep your shield up!” And here’s what happened in that second time I went to you to the sanctuary, I breathe. I took it all in. I felt the pain go out my chest and I knew I would be ok.

And now, every time I get a little over stressed, man I just go back up to the soul sanctuary. I listen to the allies, I get in touched with the eagles and the prime mortals and I get on that space and I love on there with the winged Pegasus, it’s just so cool. And here’s what happens, I just get peaceful. I get back into my body. I know that the whole heart wrenching kind of kill-myself-stories, it’s all gone. Literally, it saved my life. I’m so grateful. I know I can’t talk, well I could, but when people ask me about how has this work impact what I do with my clients. It really impacts who I’m being and how I talk to them.

We came up with a phrase —Elevating Wellness Consciousness. And now anytime I get into any in depth conversation with anyone, those words—Elevating Wellness Consciousness, is part of the wellness wealth, that’s the work I do. Where that you having me get those words together, to know that that is the essence of what I do. I would have probably figured something out but it sure makes it easier to know that someone like you can lead us into language that really incredibly works for us. It’s who we are and your helping me discover me is what I understand your true gift is. And I just want your tribe to know that I would do it all again. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.”


Clifford: “ So thank you for allowing me to be part of your tribe and for allowing me to be your friend. Thank you.”

Sabine: “Thank you Clifford.”

Clifford: “You’re welcome.”

Sabine: “I’m glad this all worked out and I remember when we were talking in the first couple of conversations, on a soul level, I knew that it would bring life to you. I knew that this was really ,yes the brand was almost like a nice site benefit, right? And I even said something like that, not because of me but I just knew in terms of the timing and what the forces that we are bringing together when we were doing the sacred work. I knew that it was going to be life giving for you and that brings you now back into the role of life giving to so so many and may you in this delightful, beautiful, light hearted way. (no pun intended), just go about your merry way and be carried by the support system and touch as many lives as possible.”

Clifford: “Here’s what I know. It’s hundreds of thousands of lives that ultimately reignite at spark of life to really live fully and that is the true gift that are worth gathering to bring to human consciousness.”

Sabine: “And so that makes me feel so fantastic that I am part of that raising consciousness shift that you are spearheading into the wealth consciousness. Thank you Clifford. Thank you for being my friend and showing up for me today. So nicely dressed.”

Clifford: “Our doing really is shifting the whole human species and saving mother earth.”

Sabine: “That’s right! Exactly! What else could be more fun, right?

Clifford: “What else?”

Sabine: “I love you Clifford. Have a blessed day. We’ll talk soon.”

Clifford: “Okay bye.”


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®