“When you’re actually emerging your work out of your essence, magic happens.”—Anita Lucia Zerkel

When I started working with Anita Lucia Zerkel I knew she was the keeper of a vast, highly evolved body of work that had become overwhelming. She also sat on a gold mine. The problem was she was trying to fit it all through a needle ear while charging a nickel and a dime.

Sabine: “Welcome Anita!”

Anita: “Hi Sabine! Happy to be here.”

Sabine: “Happy to have you here! Tell us a little bit about the situation that you found yourself in prior to working together with me.”

Anita: “I was at a place where I was rather confused and scattered. I knew that I was looking at a big body of work, and I was spinning in the small stuff a lot, you know scattered, and I wasn’t really owning it—I would say. I was into self doubt, just lacking clarity. I would start out. I had a plan and I would be in it and it would always expand. It would seem as though, okay this is missing, this is missing, and so it would expand and expand, and it would end up twice as long as I planned. I realized I was holding this big work that hadn’t really landed clearly in the wholeness. And so as I would start programs, I had this sense that I have to bring it all in here.

Whereas now, I can see the vastness of it, I’m holding it. I can see the pieces and how it all fits. This program is this, this program is that. It’s more calm, more organized and everything is in its place.”

Sabine: “You feel energetically in the center of this and feel that you can stand in this expansion.”

Anita: “Yeah. Yes”

Sabine: “Really bringing it out all in a cohesive way for your clients, right?”

Anita: “Right! It’s actually really strange because I would have thought—I mean in my line of work it’s all spiritual, soul, all of that—I would have thought that I would have a sense of who I was more.”

Sabine: “Yes! After all you’ve been for decades at it, right?”

Anita: “It was actually quite neat to see that… yeah! (…) Okay, I had a sense of who I was in a more nebulous way, you know not grounded. That process really grounded it, and it was especially after you named the (Soul) Archetypes. I found that so masterful.”

Sabine: “Wow. Thank you.”

Anita: That you named it, and then I had a dream and it really said, throw out any notion that you have of you and just allow. And so I did and on the call after, you went over the Soul Archetypes and you named them. That was a whole other level of grounding.”

Sabine: “So, the findings in that PowerReinvention journey are for most everyone surprising. It’s sort of like we get to see ourselves as a soul essence.”

Anita: “Right.”

Sabine: “In a way that we don’t think of ourselves, certainly not even in our spiritual evolution. The spiritual evolution is about seeing through our soul’s eyes. This process is actually having you look at yourself through the eyes of your soul which is a perspective that we normally not engage in, right?(…)”

Anita: “And it’s also looking at your soul from the ground.”

Sabine: “That’s right! Exactly!”

Anita: “So then you realize ‘I am my soul and it’s right here’. The naming actually helped organize the things in my mind, like I had it all under “Inner Mastery Tools,” and so I didn’t realize that names are SO important. Like it was this small name that couldn’t hold it all.”

Sabine: “That’s right! Tools. Tools! It wasn’t just about the tools, right?”

Anita: “Right! Yeah. So after I was landed and I could hold it and look at it, it was easier to name it all. Yeah, it was just clear. After it was named, it was like it’s all organized and from having it organized, it can easily grow. So I’ve been spinning all of these things—where oh, well I could do this, and then hand it off, and I could train over here and hand that off (…)”

Sabine: “Yeah”

Anita: “(…) and as I hand it off, then I’ll explore this. (…)”

Sabine: “It gives you the progression. In many ways, the naming is a way to intuit the business model.”

Anita: “I would speak and then you would home in on the key things that I wasn’t even aware that I was kind of hard thing on. So, I don’t think that I could ever have picked it out on my own ’cause I didn’t see it. So here is where having you as a witness is really key. You were kind of looking at me rambling. Then you very easily picked out these key things, and then I set with it and we tweaked it, then yeah it was like that can hold it, right, and after I sat with it, it’s like—Wow! That can REALLY hold it, and it can even hold more! It was a wonderful, intuitive artistry, and you made it seem so easy which actually shows your mastery.

Sabine: “Oh thank you. Thank you for saying that.”

Anita: “It seemed so easy. Like from there to here, it seem as though ‘Oh that was really easy!’ And yet I feel like I am transformed. When you’re actually emerging your work out of your essence, then the magic happens.”

Sabine: “And so here you are standing in this soul purpose branded work of yours that now you can orchestrate it, and launch your business from the place of greatness. So, would you recommend this work to emerging soul purpose driven or spiritual entrepreneurs?”

Anita:. “Oh, for sure!”

Sabine: “For sure!”

Anita: “I really feel that you have a mastery at it. Honestly, it seems so easy. It was just an easy flow.

Sabine: “That’s the sign of mastery. That is when it’s effortless and fun and not a struggle. I am so delighted. Thank you so much Anita! Thank you everybody for watching.”

Anita: “Thank you!”


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®