“I can’t wait to take the Soul Purpose Branding journey again just because it’s so beautiful!”—Chikeola Karimou

Thank you Chikeola for this heartfelt message for the Soul Purpose Branding. You are one beautiful soul!


Chikeola: “Hello! Welcome to the Stellar CEO, the place, the space, and the universe where people boldly step forward to claim their greatness using the platform of beauty as the key that opens the door to their stellar life and their abundance.I am Chikeola Karimou. I am your Lead Your Stellar Life Mentor. And I am here to support my friend and mentor Sabine Messner known as The Wizard of Soul Purpose Branding.It is with joy and pleasure and gratitude that I am doing this video testimonial for her. I paused and I thought about it and I thought about how do I want to share this. So the disclaimer is that no, I am not being paid for this video. It is really out of my heart.

I felt so blessed when I received these gifts. When I was thinking about my business, how to go about it, there are many many mentors out there, there are many teachers out there and I was guided to work with Sabine. So I saw her website and it was a whole body YES! I looked at her website and I’m like —Wow! Who is this? I desire to know who this person is and I desire to work with her. And then I was blessed that I was given the opportunity to go on a Soul Purpose Journey with her to embody my business.  And let me tell you, you want to work with Sabine. You want to know what Soul Purpose Branding is.

For everything that I am, slowly coming out with, it is with pleasure, it is with joy because I know I am on purpose. I know my intention is clear. I know I am doing what my soul really desires to express from me to teach people, how to serve people, how to make other people’s lives better. So Soul Purpose Branding, yes you do want to connect with Sabine. You do want to connect with Sabine not for Sabine but for yourself, for you getting to see what is it that deeply my soul inside of me wants me to share for my business. And once you have that, every single thing that you going to be doing, the way you going to be connecting with people, the way you going to embody your own brand is about that. What else can I say?

Besides the fact that you know exactly why you are in business and how to talk about that business and how to lead that business and how to share your message very clearly forever, not for 3 months, not for 3 years but how you are going to keep sharing your business for time by sharing that purpose that you connected with. Besides all of that for your business, the joy of connecting with this other part of who you are is simply, there’s no word for it— it’s indescribable.

So this is a place where I really want to invite maybe some of you that are on Sabine’s website and looking at her work and say-but I don’t have a business, I don’t know if I want to be in business. I’m saying it, even if you don’t have a business, go ahead, have a Soul Purpose Branding with Sabine because once you are on that journey, there is a discovery that words cannot describe. There is a connection with yourself that is so beautiful, that is so amazing, that you do want to experience that for yourself. And then the information, there is so much that is revealed during that Soul Purpose Branding, during that Soul Journey, that is fulfilling for oneself.  Let’s say after I did my Soul Purpose Branding with Sabine I chose not to go in business, I am still very very very grateful and very happy with the connection for all that  I have discovered about myself or that I have received from my inner world,  from myself.

So I just joyfully and happily and excitedly and delightfully desire to invite you to connect with Sabine, The Wizard of Soul Purpose Branding, and to take that journey for yourself because I know that I have received so much and I am so grateful. Actually I have a little secret that I want to share with you; I can’t wait to take the journey again just because it’s so beautiful! I just want to be there again and I just want to see what is I can discover, what is I can receive. So there you are.

Thank you for listening to this. I’m Chikeola Karimou of the Stellar CEO that came from the Soul Purpose Branding. Bye for now.”


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®