“The most validating process that I’ve ever been through.”—Alix Rager

Women’s Success Mentor Alix Rager of SweetSpotPower.com is definitely a sweet soul. We had a fresh Soul Purpose Branding journey together.

Alix: “I launched my business a while back and kind of just pieced together my website by myself. I found a cute logo and just made everything match. When it came time after that first launch to get out into the world, and reach out to other women and create partnerships and collaborate with other women in the business,  all kinds of businesses, I was afraid to send them to my website because I know it didn’t represent who I really was—certainly not in any classy or authentic way. It was really shallow.

So I went to start doing this up-leveling process, and I realize that there are a lot more to it than just picking a color, a color scheme or cute little logo and I didn’t know what to about it and remembered that I’d met Sabine in an event a while back and I have her card which I love how it was set out. So I gave her a jingle. We got on the phone and I knew immediately she was the person who’s gonna help me to really pull out my authentic purpose from a much bigger standpoint and be able to help me translate that and capture that so that I could do this authentically and in a really classy way on the internet so that people could actually get a sense of who I am, what I am about and how can I help them and then again collaborating with other woman feeling like I’m really in the game.

After I said yes to Sabine, myself, my business, and really my potential clients, it was this amazing journey that she took me through on this soul purpose process. I didn’t expect it. It was a spiritual experience that included a journey that what I think the most validating process that I’ve ever been through. All of the past businesses that I have done and all of the experience that I had and all the mindset that I had could only get me so far in my purpose that I was trying to unfold here on my website. She really helped me to see and validate who I have become and then really pull me into who I’m becoming and what’s really gonna serve my soul.

That was an incredible process. But not only that, actually, together we really were able to pull out the colors and the whole feeling of the website, the wardrobe that I was going to wear. She worked tirelessly with all of my team in terms of putting together the photography, the web design, the theme, and the whole look and feel of it. She translated that in an art direction process that I had no idea that it is gonna be as in depth as it was going to be but so thrown. I am so please with what came out from this.

It’s still an evolving process because what I uncovered in this process with Sabine is that the little bit bigger step of where my soul’s going that I couldn’t see before is something I’m still growing into and I’m so grateful for that because this is a timeless piece now. I feel like whatever that I do in the world that all falls into the umbrella of this brand that we have been able to pull out together. I just could not be more grateful. It was just the most safe, loving, and the most enlightening experience that I could ever expect from branding of all things.

Thank you so much Sabine. You have been, Muaah!, such a blessing. This really has given me the kind of confidence that I need to go out in the world and share what I am about and really what I can do for other people without hiding. I’m ready to play a bigger game now. Thank you so much.”

—Alix Rager, SweetSpotPower.com


Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding®