Welcome to Audio Gift Course Day 3

You’re An Icon Not A Logo
—How to perpetually shine without burning out


I’m Sabine Messner, the Wizard of Soul Purpose Branding, and it’s my greatest honor and joy that you’re tuning in. On day 1, you learned about how to turn your copycat meows into powerful lioness roars, and how to create an original business like an artist creates original art. On day 2, you learned how to innovate without an expiration date, and how to take your personal brand beyond your products and services.In this third and final audio course, you will learn about the glue that brings it all together—your unique, authentic and soulful beauty and why you must freely express it in your business.

First off, let’s redefine the term ‘beauty’ shall we? I’m not talking about the beauty ideal that has been hijacked and turned into a worldwide mega dogma fueled by super model imprints and collagen injections that are robbing us of our cultural differences and camouflaging our beautiful nuances. I’m talking about the natural, God-given beauty that everyone possesses. The type of beauty that shines through from within and brings presence, reverence and awe to the world. Beauty is another word for happiness, for congruency, harmony, wellbeing, health and wholeness. Beauty comes in all colors, sizes, shapes, ages and genders.

As a cross-cultural woman who has grown up in Europe I was exposed to a wide range of exotic, eccentric and diverse beauty expressions which is why I have always been puzzled by how quickly we’ve accepted a stereotypical, one-dimensional beauty and fashion dogma, one that is now even established worldwide. But before we all bought into this beauty dogma, we all have denied beauty for a very long time. Do you recall that only a few short years ago, it didn’t matter so much how you looked like if you were smart, rich or otherwise talented? In fact, many people proudly sacrificed their beauty in the name of their families, careers, intellect, knowledge, spirituality, animal love, or other humanitarian or religious service to others.

Beauty has been stolen from us. And we ourselves have given it away, we have sold it. We have traded it. We have glorified in all the wrong ways to the point where we’re not even aware of how far we disown our innate beauty. Collectively we’re convinced that we need to purchase something in order to have it, or continuously have to invest into it so we don’t loose it. We even raise our children this way.

Meanwhile we’re at war with our body shapes, our birthmarks, our curls, our teeth, our nose, our skin color and the list goes on. Instead of thriving to look our best, naturally, we’re struggling to look a certain way. Instead of valuing our features as a unique asset—like a unique trademark—we mask them, erase them and cover them up. We think of our idiosyncrasies as imperfections and irregularities, things that need to be “corrected.” We unconsciously are telling ourselves we’re not beautiful enough because we don’t fit into these pseudo-beauty-success stereotypes, yet that’s what we’re constantly aspiring to do, struggling to fit into them.

If you think I’m exaggerating, go ahead and schedule a photo shoot for yourself! You’d be surprised what comes up… We hide a lot of pain around our self-image. Yet when you take a photo there is no hiding. That’s why I know that there is still more healing to do than just learning how to pose and smile, which is still only on the surface.

So where is all this hidden fear and pain coming from, especially in us women? Where is its root?

I believe its root is in our relationship to beauty and money. Throughout history we have corrupted them both. As women we sold beauty to get power and influence. Now we’re spending a ton of money to regain our sense of beauty once again. And still, the constellation is full of conflict.

I feel that we urgently need to reconcile the fact that beauty and money have always gone together, whether we like it or not. We held many judgments against the one or the other. Beyond spiritual and societal perceptions, both beauty and money belong to the abundance paradigm. Where there is abundance there is beauty, and where there is beauty there is abundance. They naturally attract each other. We’ve long mishandled both of them and that’s why, sadly, neither one of them has led us to abundance. The good news is though we’re now in a place where we can heal from an age-long cycle of corruption and abuse with beauty and money.

As part of the shift from the masculine paradigm to the feminine paradigm, the way we do business is fundamentally changing, and the way we view money is fundamentally changing. BOTH men and women can no longer identify with their respective trophies—whatever they may be. In the new feminine paradigm, who we are is front and center, not what we do.

As we women are awakening in business, we must take responsibility for our own beauty and stop sacrificing it, selling it, using or abusing it to get money and power. We need to leave certain corporate and certain not-so corporate stereotypes quickly behind and instead explore, own and ultimately capitalize on our innate beauty as an outward reflection in our business. Its time we take off the business suits and as well as our female uniforms (you know what I’m talking about, we all have those in our closets).

Fear not! This doesn’t mean you need to dump your high heels or stop going to the beauty salon or neglecting your looks. Quite to the contrary! I’m talking about you consciously and radically owning and honoring your innate beauty, sensuality and yes, sexiness too. Not because there’s an agenda but simply for yourself. I’m talking about you letting your hair down and unmasking yourself instead of trying to fit into a norm.

I know! That’s quite a scary proposition! But you know, in the feminine paradigm, authentic beauty is not about looking or acting perfect. It’s about being alive, about being open and relating authentically to your audience. You can be wheel chair bound, 200 pounds overweight, hairless and with horned-rimmed glasses. All of these personal attributes—I mean A-L-L of them—become your million-dollar assets.

Your personal beauty matters more in business today than ever before. That’s because clients don’t merely buy products; they invest into you. Your clients are looking to you as a model for their lives, success, and happiness. So if you’re still putting up a pretty façade instead of showing them who you truly are, you’ve got a bit of dilemma.

So beautiful lioness, when have you looked into the mirror and told yourself how beautiful you are? Rather than hiding behind a professional headshot or a corporate company logo, ask yourself these lioness questions:

• Do I really feel naturally beautiful?
• How do I own my beauty or am I still disowning parts of it?
• What are the myriad ways I enjoy flanking my authentic beauty?
• How am I expressing my inner beauty in my business?
• Is it time for an iconic reinvention?

Being an icon makes you eternal; it takes you to a place where you are timeless, enduring and undying. Being an icon lets you harness the kind of beauty that transcends the ages and is ever-lasting in your legacy.

It’s time you trust your own eyes more than a stereotype. It’s time you dare to emanate REAL beauty from within your soul and bring it to everything you do! So write it on your forehead, stick it on your computer and paste it on your mirror.

“I’m An Icon Not A Logo.”

I hope this mantra reminds you to always BE BEAUTIFUL and to never disown or hide your inner radiance.

If you know it’s time to heal your beauty image and become your own expression of a timeless icon through a transformational Soul Purpose Branding photo shoot, I invite you to experience a complimentary Discovery Session with me.

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This concludes day 3 of your 3-Day Audio Gift Course ‘How To Bottle Your Soul into a Brand that Skyrockets your Business.’

I hope you got lots of creative inspiration and lasting insights from this 3-Day Audio Course!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening.

Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding