Welcome to Audio Gift Course Day 2

You’re A Creator Not A Product
—How to innovate without an expiration date


I’m Sabine Messner, the Wizard of Soul Purpose Branding, and it’s my greatest honor and joy that you’re tuning in. On day 1 you learned about how to turn your copycat meows into powerful lioness roars, and how to create an original business like an artist creates original art.

Today you will learn how to innovate without an expiration date, and how to take your personal brand beyond your products and services.

Have you noticed that when you think of your own web territory, it gets confusing really fast? You’ve got a patchwork of opt-in pages, program pages, blog pages, not to mention a host of social media channels.

The big problem is that we do it piece-meal-style. We come up with a program or a teleseminar title that is “good enough for now,” register the corresponding domain, get a cash flow going, and think all is hunky-dory. Then we come up with the next bigger and better program, get that name registered, drive new traffic there, get more cash flow going and feel that now we’re really in business. Add an event or a book and not only are you looking at a complicated maze on the back-end, but more importantly, your ideal clients are trying to muddle through on the front end.

As if the web domain mess is not puzzling enough, now you also realize that you’re getting known for a hodge-podge of programs and messages that you’ve silently outgrown. You were proud of them when you first launched them, but they don’t reflect who you are today.

What’s going on?

Because of our rush for instant cash flow combined with the speed of Internet marketing, many mentors and experts have become overly identified with the products and programs they propagate. And while the online launch formulas are fantastic to get momentum going, positioning yourself on the same level as your products and programs is dangerous. Just as products have a shelf life, now you too have an expiration date!

Having been trendsetters and pioneers, thousands of highly qualified mentors and coaches have landed on the clearance table, struggling to prove their relevance and often failing to get sales conversion even at discount rates. Practically overnight they go from bestseller to being completely forgotten.

You know this scenario first hand. It happens all the time. We say, oh yeah, so-and-so, I bought her ‘fill-in-the-blank’ program a few years ago but I’ve moved on since. Is she still around? Or, we say, oh yeah, so-and-so, I went to her event but am now working with so-and-so.

Let’s face it, we all have the “next shiny object syndrome”—especially when it comes to people! We’re all prone to constantly moving on to the next hot expert; often dumping the ones that helped us get on the path in the first place. If you think I’m exaggerating here, take a really close at look at some of the expert and mastermind circles that were super hot a few years ago… is everyone still running there? If not, where are they running now?

Well what do you think happens when you present yourself on the level of your products and programs with a big “Add To Cart” button right on the homepage? Hello! We are asking to get consumed. And what happens when you’ve consumed something? You throw away the packaging and go on to purchase something else. This is an especially big dilemma for the people who have carved themselves into a narrow niche.

Yes, niches convert extremely well on the web and make marketing coaches are wealthy and happy. But what about in the long run? Well, I’ll tell you happens in the long run. Unless you find a way to reinvent yourself in a powerful way and explode back out of your niche you will turn into Internet dust in your crevice.

Look, the challenge is not to become a multiple 6-figure expert. The REAL challenge is to remain one! Launching a business based on a program or teleseminar and having short-term success is easy. Practically everybody has figured it out. But what’s still a major mystery for most is how to position themselves beyond their ever-evolving service offerings—or is that even possible?

Yes, it is! In fact, I assert that we must position ourselves for life. Yes, I said for LIFE. But how exactly do you do that?

You do that by positioning yourself around your unique calling, your bigger mission, your greater purpose rather than niching yourself as a person. You must distill your expertise into a timeless message, value or transformation that lives on and survives through any program, book, speech or service you may offer. This requires you to fully understand your very own soul purpose, and intelligently and strategically brand yourself around it. Your Soul Purpose Brand becomes your hub on the web, a core place that is the heart of your unique and exclusive legacy.

Think of icons like Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Steve Jobs. You hear their names and IMMEDIATELY know what they stand and lived for. They all have created timeless legacies by doing one thing, first and foremost: pursuing their dreams.

So lioness, what are you an icon for? What greater purpose do you stand for? Ask yourself:

• Are you known for your programs or products or are you known for who you are?
• Do you feel invisible behind your offerings?
• Do you feel like you have to continuously reaffirm your relevance?
• Or are you being known as a lioness who reigns over her territory and broadens her range through infinite creations?

Being a Creator makes you infinitely captivating, magnetic and fascinating! You can renew and reinvent yourself and will always be relevant, significant and therefore prosperous. And, you never have to worry about an expiration date.

It’s time you stop the brand confusion and the never-ending rat race of being spread too thin with dozens of isolated programs. It’s time you invest into your long-term brand reputation instead of just making short-term sales. So write it on your forehead, stick it on your computer and paste it on your mirror.

“I’m An Infinite Creator Not A Product.”

I hope this mantra reminds you to always BE BOLD and to never loose sight of your long-term purpose in favor of short-term sales.

If you know it’s time to become a lioness, and to originate and express YOUR authentic Soul Purpose Brand, I invite you to experience a complimentary Discovery Session with me. Go to www.soulpurposebranding.com/Get-Started to apply.

This concludes day 2 of your 3-Day Audio Gift Course ‘How To Bottle Your Soul into a Brand that Skyrockets your Business.’

Look for the audio link to day 3 in your inbox tomorrow.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening.

Be brave, bold and beautiful,
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding