Welcome to Audio Gift Course Day 1

You’re A Lioness Not A Copycat—How to stop imitating and start originating

I’m Sabine Messner, the Wizard of Soul Purpose Branding, and it’s my greatest honor and joy that you’re tuning in.

Today’s topic is a really juicy one! So let’s dive right in…

Have you noticed that so many coaches, mentors and entrepreneurs sound and look alike? Many of them not only imitate photo and wardrobe ideas, but even use the same marketing words and identical banner designs. This strikes me as especially curious, since there is at the same time a lot of talk about authenticity, and doing business the heart-centered way. Sure, we’re making excellent progress—we “sparkle,” we “unleash,” we “empower,” we “bring zest”—but when you really, skim the crowd for originality, the space clears quickly.

The truth is there’s only a few original leaders who plow the way in the so-called “expert industry.” And boy, do we worship them! Look, we say! They have that special brilliance that I don’t have. They dance to their own music and—what do you know—everyone buys their tune. So instead of singing our own song as loudly as we can, we give our creative power away and imitate theirs…

Imitation makes us feel safe. At first. Imitation is the norm, our collective safety zone. After all we were brought up to fit in, not to stand out. Yet imitation is a self-defeating. It kills creativity at its roots, and is flat out self-sabotage. Every time we imitate others, we deny ourselves the sacred privilege of original creation, and there’s nothing more human and more natural than our creativity and imagination.

Even though we publically declare that we’re here to make a big difference in the world, deep down many of us are still held back by the 3 blockers to original creation—which I call the “3 Scary Vs”—Voice, Visibility and Validation. We are afraid to be heard. We are afraid to be seen, and we are afraid to be judged.

To overcome these 3 Scary Vs it takes self-awareness, skill and practice. And this is where I have the first important “Insider Secret” for you.

It’s called The Artist’s Secret.

First let me tell you how I discovered this secret… Through my many years of studying art, I have come to see that artists are just about the only professionals left on this planet who are formally trained in originality. Artists strengthen their originality muscles for years and years. They first learn how to observe reality while honing their skills. Eventually they leave their unique artistic fingerprint behind for all of time.

Creating an authentic, purpose-driven business is much the same as creating an original piece of art. Just like an artist engages with an empty canvas, YOU too are being beckoned by the muses to bring forth your own signature expression—whatever that may be.

For many of us the yearning for such a signature creation along with a signature business is huge, its all encompassing—and yet so often it’s easier said than done. I too know first hand what it’s like to be inspired by a big vision. And I also know what it’s like to be crippled by fear and doubt.

I’ve been to Picasso’s country home, the Louvre, the Uffizi, the world’s many museums of modern art, and even gazed in wonder at the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. Only to return home to an empty canvas asking myself, “Who the hell am I to try to come up with anything even remotely worthwhile when such exquisite masterpieces already exist”?

But that question never stopped me. Instead it inspired me to break through, and to express my own greatness. And in the pursuit of it I learned The Artist’s Secret. So are you ready? Listen up:

Step 1 Completely take yourself out of the picture.

Step 2 Exclusively focus on being an empty canvas for your art.

Step 3 Sit back in awe and witness and honor your own originality.

Step 4 Repeat this practice.

Try this 4-step practice and watch what happens. I know it sounds simple AND I also know getting out of our own way isn’t always easy. We need someone who holds the space for us to step into our true originality, our true greatness. We need the encouragement to “doing it anyway”—even while we may be kicking and screaming. So what! I’ll give you permission! Kick and scream! But keep flexing your originality muscles and keep painting your canvas—no matter what. Your discomfort is actually a great sign! It means you no longer have ready-made answers, it means you’re breaking out of the mold. Keep at it, and before you know it, you’re originating!

So lioness, how are you getting out of your own way? You may be asking yourself:

• Why is it so hard to put myself out there?
• Am I a fraud to be doing this work?
• How will I stand out from the competition?

So, rather than listening to the questions from your copycat fears, continually ask yourself these lioness questions:

• How can I strengthen and hone my originality muscles?
• How am I trusting myself in my business?
• How far do I stretch myself out of my comfort zone?

Today, more than ever before, we URGENTLY need creative, visionary entrepreneurs like you, who understand that you are the artists of the future. So write it on your forehead, stick it on your computer and paste it on your mirror.

“I’m a lioness, not a copycat.”

I hope this mantra reminds you to BE BRAVE and to always go for your originality in favor of imitation.

If you know in your heart that it’s time to become a lioness, and originate and express YOUR authentic Soul Purpose Brand, I invite you to experience a complimentary discovery session with me.

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This concludes Day 1 of your 3-Day Audio Gift Course ‘How To Bottle Your Soul into a Brand that Skyrockets your Business.’

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening.

Be brave, bold and beautiful,

The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding